Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~ Summer's End ~

Wow! This Summer has flown by. I'm sure many of you have big plans for Labor Day Weekend. Are you planning a weekend of boating? A bit of skiing or fishing? Maybe a big cook out? Whatever those plans are as long as friends and family are together good times are had by all. Our weekend will be pretty quiet, I'm hoping to walk down to the lake and throw a line in, our weather is suppose to be spectacular.

With the this being the last big weekend of Summer, I thought I would share a tablescape I did quite a while back. While painting the kitchen everything had to come off the area above the kitchen cabinets. If you're like me you never put anything back "exactly" like it was before. While the toolbox was down I thought it would make a great centerpiece for table served buffet style.
I used some of my old milk bottles to hold the flatware.
The smaller of the two is a cherished gift from my Uncle Dick many years ago. Titled Craig bottled in Boonville, Mo. adds a bit more nostalgia, Boonville isn't too far from us. Many years ago we used to head to the Steam Engine Show and do a bit of antiquing. To soften the hard scape of the toolbox I added a touch of lace.
Geraniums to make you smile.

Dessert bowls ready for homemade ice cream and end of the season strawberries. Or maybe a hint of wine to go with the steak and burgers. Or maybe you prefer a cup of coffee.
White pitcher from the collection holds the geraniums, another I forgot to take a picture of holds the ice tea.
The last Summer "Like" tablescape before we bring out the burnt oranges, golden browns and pumpkins to dress our tables. We hope all of you have a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

~ A Nestled Corner ~

When pulling together a vignette, I like for it to tell a story of sorts. We all like to put things together we love, items that touch our heart. We receive gifts from friends and family that mean the world to us, they become treasured keepsakes.
With my birthday around the corner I wanted to share a gift I received last year from my BF. I've tried like a ga-zillion times to get a decent picture to share with you. It wasn't until after I moved things around in the dining room that I could get a picture worth sharing of my beautiful tray.My love for birds, (as long as they are faux and far away from me) and love for trays didn't go unnoticed. My girlfriend takes in everything I say and stores it away. I'm so fortunate to have had her for a friend for over 30 years now.  I was so surprised when she presented this lovely tray from Nell Hill's collection last year. It's beauty is beyond words.


Adding a lamp for a bit of ambiance and a picture of Mother finishes off the left side of the hutch.
Wasn't she a beauty? I lost Mother in 1987, there isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't miss her. This picture was taken when she was a young woman, I'm not sure of the age. Mother was very camera shy, I feel very fortunate to have one with her facing the camera without her hand covering her face. lol
Late last fall I found and ordered this print. I'm sure many of you know what caught my eye first. Yes, those darling bunnies, then her Angelic face.
 I think the artist captured her innocence well..
The clock was a gift from my daughter a few years ago for my birthday. Mr. P was out of town, a pipe burst in the master bath, flooded the basement and the story goes on, when she presented the clock and a couple of other things, she said, "Mom you need chocolate, I brought you a whole container of Hershey Kisses ! " What a lovely memory that brings back!

So... there you have the nestled corner in the dining room. I hope you enjoyed viewing the vignette I created out of treasured keepsakes. If you have a few treasures keepsakes hidden away, bring them out , put together a vignette you can see and enjoy on a daily basis.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~ Harvesting the Sage ~

Even with all the heat we've had it hasn't seem to stunt the growth of the bushes in front of the house. Last week once again,I started the job of trimming. The Russian Sage plant also needed to be trimmed back, while it lay on the ground a tablescape came to mind. Leaving the trimmer behind, good blogger that I am I promptly went inside to gather what I thought might make a welcoming table. :-))
Filling the pitcher with some water and ice, I grabbed what cookies I had on hand, sliced a lemon and a  tablescape began to come together.
Fig newtons may not be a person's first choice, a gal just rolls with the flow.A green martini glass adds a bit of elegance to a casual table.A fusion of Russian Sage flows ever so gracefully over the edges of the metal basket.A mix of napkins, linen and cotton graceful folds, hold a delightful scent of Russian Sage.

Please help yourself.

Thank you for stopping by today to say hello. Susan, thank you for hosting each week.
Napkins:    Lynne's Gifts & More
Martini Glass:  Walmart
Dessert Plate:   Mothers