Thursday, January 12, 2012

~ Cleaned Up the Look ~

Now no one likes to show their grit and slimy bottles. I've seen around blog land for a while now there's a lot more attractive ways  to leave our dish washing soap on the counter. I've been wanting to try it for a while. Mr. P doesn't welcome change very well right now so have been hesitant about changing out the bottle. He hasn't noticed yet, we'll see if I'll be able to continue using the new addition.
Washed off many times a day it's still YUCKY looking.
Doesn't look too attractive
To the right you can see hanging in the wings is the new bottle I'm going to try.
See the difference? An attractive label free clear bottle.

An Olive Oil Bottle filled with dish washing soap, much more attractive.
Another small change is the addition of the silver tray to hold my candle and the daily calendar. The calendar has been around for many many years and is definitely showing it's age, should be replaced. But the memories it holds is priceless, so it got a place of honor on the silver tray.
We're in the deep freeze around here today, temps are now in the teens, wind continues to blow the little bit of snow we got last night. Winter has decided to hit the Mid West.
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