Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ Adding Some Warmth to the Bench ~

While there are lots of changes going on inside the shop, the days are just far too pretty to be inside "all" day long. While walking Miss Scooter I realized the bench as you walk into the shop needed a bit of warmth and character, it looked a tad lonely. The lamp posts have been decorated for a while, you can see that post HERE. Look way in the background you'll see the bench looks lonely.
I added a fall throw, lighter in color so it would show up against the walnut stain of the bench. Adding the lantern was the obvious choice for me. I used the black and cream burlap ribbon on the lamp posts, to tie it together I tied a half bow on top of the lantern. Wrapping the twiggy vine around the lantern gave it a bit more character.

During the holidays I like to use the candles on a timer. With the use of the pumpkins this vignette will take you through Thanksgiving.
I fell in love with the burly twisty grapevine shaped pumpkins, perfect for decorating with outdoors. The weather is only going to enhance it's beauty.

Murphy, my official greeter is always close by.   :-))
I hope this inspires you to add a bit of warmth to your outdoor decor.