Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~ Harvesting the Sage ~

Even with all the heat we've had it hasn't seem to stunt the growth of the bushes in front of the house. Last week once again,I started the job of trimming. The Russian Sage plant also needed to be trimmed back, while it lay on the ground a tablescape came to mind. Leaving the trimmer behind, good blogger that I am I promptly went inside to gather what I thought might make a welcoming table. :-))
Filling the pitcher with some water and ice, I grabbed what cookies I had on hand, sliced a lemon and a  tablescape began to come together.
Fig newtons may not be a person's first choice, a gal just rolls with the flow.A green martini glass adds a bit of elegance to a casual table.A fusion of Russian Sage flows ever so gracefully over the edges of the metal basket.A mix of napkins, linen and cotton graceful folds, hold a delightful scent of Russian Sage.

Please help yourself.

Thank you for stopping by today to say hello. Susan, thank you for hosting each week.
Napkins:    Lynne's Gifts & More
Martini Glass:  Walmart
Dessert Plate:   Mothers