Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second Annual Cloche Party

Announcement: Marty at A Stroll Thru Life is celebrating her 100th post with a wonderful give away. Stop by her place for the details.

The long awaited day has finally arrived. The Second Annual Cloche Party hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life. I'm so excited to be participating once again. Be sure to click here to find a full list of those participating. I know we're going to be inspired by all the beautiful cloche decor awaiting us there.

Okay, lets get started. You'll find this cheese cloche dome in the kitchen filled with real eggs. I purchased these for the shop to go with all the woodsy decor that is so popular right now.

Do you see a small cloche hiding behind this darling cardinal?
Sometimes the beauty of a dome is elegant enough to stand on it's own.
This was a gift from my daughter to Mr. P awhile back. Knowing his love for flying this was the perfect gift.
Close up of emblem.
The plane inside is made of glass as well. The details are incredible.
A bit closer for you. This is my latest treasure. It means the world to me. You see this was a birthday gift from my Gloria from Happy to Be. If you haven't been to her blog you are definitely missing out. Once you meet her you'll have a friend for life. Be sure to click here to take you to her wonderful blog.
Isn't she beautiful? She's a bell. You know what they say every time you hear a bell ring an angel gets her wings. Gloria, I cannot thank you enough darling. I love, love , love her.

Now, she officially has her own cloche dome. :-)
I'm sure you remember this bird from previous posts.

Yes, Fall has arrived in the sun porch. A top the ice box sits this beautiful cloche dome. In the spring you found a bunny. Now, it's happily adorned with a gorgeous pumpkin, purchased from Hobby Lobby last year. Flanked by a Fall plate I sold last year in the shop and some wonderful smelling potpourri.. A close up for you.
Even closer yet. :-))
A top the antique plant table sits this wonderful wired cloche dome. Inside another pumpkin.
Close up of the curly wire knob.
On top of the antique kitchen cupboard sits probably one of my favorite cloche domes. I love the curve of the legs and the glass bottom.
A close up for you.
From above..
Back inside once again, lets head to the dining room table. You've seen this cloche dome many times since I've started blogging. Snuggled around him is a beautiful tablecloth and a hint of more pumpkins.
Close up.

On the candlestick table you'll find another cloche filled with a pumpkin candle lite nestled with a few fall leaves. I opted not to use it for a candle lite this year and instead thought he might appreciate joining the cloche party. :-)) A little closer for you.
And last but not least ( lol) you'll find my latest acquisition to my cloche "collection" .
For the present it's found a home on the kitchen counter, nestled underneath a few fall leaves and the beautiful birdhouse lantern I won from Jessica at a Cozy Kettle. For the present he remains empty, I'm sure that won't last for too long. lol

I'm delighted you stopped by to see our Cloche's decorated for fall. I've certainly enjoyed having you. Now, don't forget to link back over to Marty's for a full list of participants. I know we're going to see some beauties. Marty, thanks so much for hosting and inviting me to the party. I've had a ball getting ready for it.. now, I'm off to see the others hope to see you there..
hugs ~lynne~