Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Rooster Struts His Stuff On Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday. The day we get to pull out all the stops and play with our dishes. Hosted by the Queen of Tablescapes Susan from over at Betweennapsontheporch. Click on my sidebar and it will take you right there for a full list of participants.

Most of you know I adore roosters. As long as they are on the inside and not the outside. lol I have many of them to play with, so thought I would use one on the tablescape this week. The grandson has been here this week so I had to hurry to put this together before I took him down fishing.
Mr. Rooster sits upon the green cake plate surrounded by grapes.
That I borrowed from over here on the hutch. I don't think the hutch minds too much that I borrowed it. See I moved "some" things around so the hole wouldn't show.. lol This is what you'll find on the bottom. I believe I got these pictures inverted. Forgive me folks I told you I had to do this in a hurry. Bailey is hammering to go fishing.. lol

Here you'll see the beautiful base. I purchased this last summer at TJ Maxx. I believe I gave $12.oo for it. Quite the bargain I thought. Now, as a rule I don't normally use tablecloths. But I felt this table needed one. Naturally, it had to be pressed first. And that takes time. Bailey, bless his little heart was as patient as a 9 year old can be. He entertained himself playing his PlayStation2 while grandma continued playing with her dishes. lol
I chose the white plates with the green floral pattern that belonged to my mother. Topped with a green napkins matching the tablecloth. The napkin ring was purchased at Walmart last winter on clearance. I honestly don't remember what I gave for them. I just knew they were too pretty to pass up.
This is what is on the bottom of Mother's plate. Do any of you know what the numbers mean?
And this is on the bottom of the plate with the fruit. I got these plates a few years back at the Dollar General Store. I remember giving a $1.00 a piece for them. Now, a few years back I thought maybe I need to get rid of a few dishes. I know.. where was my head? Anyway, I put them in a garage sale and they didn't sale. So, that told me I was suppose to hang onto them. lol
Here you can see the edge with the fruit. The chargers I got from Penney's last year on clearance. I think you'll find these around Blog land a lot. They are quite heavy and have the prettiest border.
Close up

A little bigger and this would make a "fabulous" bracelet.
A girls gotta have her bling. Right?

The water glasses I purchased at Walmart last summer.
The small crystal tumbler I got at an estate sale in a box of other goodies. Price -FREE!! Don't you love when that happens?
The flatware was a bargain last summer at Target. They have many colors to choose from. I think the only color I don't have is red. They are very similar to ones you'll find at Horchow. I'm sure the weight is alot different, but so is the price and these were in my price range. lol
The crackled glass candleholders were purchased many years ago at Hobby Lobby. I don't remember the price. I just know they had to be at least half price or more or I wouldn't have purchased them. Aren't they gorgeous?
This is another little beauty I got FREE in a box of goodies at the same estate sale. I had thought about polishing it up, but loved the patina with the table setting.
Isn't it sweet?
Salt and pepper anyone?

From above
Thanks for stopping by today. Treat yourself by swinging over to Susan's who's graciously hosted another Tablescape Thursday for us to be able to play with our dishes. Susan thanks again for making this day possible. hugs ~lynne~

Update: As soon as the pictures were taken and uploaded Bailey and I did go fishing. Neither of us caught anything, but we sure had fun. And that's what life is all about, having fun. I hope each and everyone of you take a moment or two today and just have fun.. Many many hugs ~lynne~