Sunday, October 9, 2011

~ Silver Treasures ~

A couple of weeks ago I played "hookie" from the shop to take Mr. P for a drive. He'd been cooped up in the house seemed like forever. The fall days are just too nice to stay inside. We took off and ended up in a couple of antique stores a short distance from us. He walked around for a bit, then headed to the truck for a rest, bless his heart his legs just won't carry him for long periods of time.
The first store didn't net me anything. Right next door was another antique store, I asked if he felt like sitting for just a bit longer before heading back home, he said he was fine to take my time. :-)) I sauntered through the first 3 or 4 rows and didn't find a single thing that really screamed take me home. A couple of rows over I hit the jack pot! A booth that was closing out and everything was 50% off ! Yippee!! Right smack dab in the middle was a shelf full of silver. Now I didn't get greedy and take everything. I did however end up with 4 beautiful pieces. Very dirty, but I could sure see the potential !
Can you see the potential? I could barely contain myself. lol

I brought them outside the next day, so I could bring their true beauty out.
Can you say sparkle? With each stroke I took with the polishing rag I smiled even more.

Even the dried hydrangeas look gorgeous against the beauty of the sparkling
 silver. :-))

The shine almost blinds you now, I'm so in love with these purchases.

Even the ornate legs and feet cleaned up well.
~ From This ~
~ To This ~ 
What did I give for these beauties? $18.00. I would say "bargain". As we were leaving Mr. P wanted to know if we would stop at the ice cream place at the foot of the hill. You see this ice cream place has been there for as long as I can remember, famous for it's malts and ice cream cones. I assured him many times that I would stop. After stopping and getting his pecan malt and myself a small chocolate ice cream cone, we headed for home. After only driving about 3 miles or so this is what happened next.....

So... as the story goes, one shouldn't play hookie. My "bargain" of silver turned out to be very expensive, I ended up having to buy 4 new tires. :-((