Monday, November 30, 2009

A Christmas Welcome and Outdoor Wednesday

I'm running a bit behind this week in getting pictures uploaded, so have gone with the same ones for Outdoor Wednesday. Sure hope I don't bore you too quickly. lol Susan thank you for hosting this fun filled event each week.

There are no problems

only opportunities to be creative.

Dorye Roettger

It's finally arrived. The long awaited day. The Deck The Hall Party, hosted by our darling Susan from Thoughtsfromovertherainbow. Susan thank you for hosting this fun filled party. I'm looking forward to seeing all those participating and their wonderful holiday decor.
Welcome! We're so glad you stopped by.
A few years ago when I opened the shop I carried a lot more primitive items than I do now. The trend has changed many times over the years. The challenge of keeping up with it is a bit daunting at times, but fun. One of the best sellers at the time were these large candy canes. Naturally, I had to have at least one. lol.. You see I ended up with 2. One of them came in quite damaged and took quite a bit of repair, so thought it best I hang onto it. :-)) I think the two of them make quite the statement.. lol

Curly wire and some greens with large rusty bells nestled in between.

Close up

The Americana Snowman is another item I carried. I've had him for many years. Made out of a log and embellished with rusty stars and a ribbon to keep his neck warm. The talent of the artisan that designed and made him amazes me.
Just to the left of the back door is a small patio area. Ok.. I'm bad. I forgot to wind up the cord for the lights on the tree. Don't beat me up for The wind came up and I got extremely cold.

The vintage sled was a gift from my girlfriend "many" years ago. I took some greenery, pine cones and a set of old bells I had and glued them onto the sled. The bow is the original one I made "many" years ago. I think it's held up quite well.

The primitive tree I made while traveling with the crafts. This is one has held court outside our door during this time of the year for 12 years now. Made out of cedar it has held up great. After taking these pictures and posting I pulled this garland and refreshed the look and added a few more lights . :-))

Knowing my love for snowmen, my husband's daughter-in-law gave this one to me after I lost my daddy. I love his happy smile and button nose. I'm wondering if the birds will be here in the morning saying hello to the one on top of his hat? lol

Close up

Even the chairs get a bit of holiday cheer.. lol.. they are still missing a bow. I haven't been to the city yet, and I want to try and find one that coordinates with the one on the sled. I also would love to find some darling red-checked cushions. I think it would put a finishing touch to the look.

Thanks for stopping by to see the outside holiday decor. We've sure enjoyed having you. Don't forget to swing by to see Susan over at Thoughtsfromovertherainbow for a full list of those participating. I know we're in for some wonderful eye candy. See you there....

hugs ~lynne~