Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~ Beautiful Blues ~

You know how it is when you have one post in mind and something comes up throws you for a loop and you go to plan B with another post? That's the way it's been around here the past few days. To say Mr. P has kept me on my toes is an understatement. Bless he heart, his legs and head just won't work together, I'm learning the art of balance in a whole different way my friends. 

A few weeks back while the hydrangeas were in full bloom I had the best time using the cut flowers inside. Enjoying their beauty on a daily basis brightened the room and the mood. I so wish they bloomed in our area all year long. They've become my favorite flower. Their wispy edges are so graceful. 

 Using a variety of sizes I stared building the tablescape with my favorite charger from J.C. Penney's. Letting each one speak on it's own sharing their captivating beauty with us.

 I love my small casserole dish purchased last summer from Nell Hill's in Atchison on a girl's day trip.
 The beauty of the farm scene depicts the area we live in. It's way too hot for soup right now, but I can see it full of fresh green beans, new potatoes with a bit of ham thrown in . Doesn't that sound yummy?

 Vintage lace always steals my heart
 With monogrammed details topped off with flatware from Target.

Wine glass from Walmart, tea glasses from Old Time Pottery many years ago hold your drink of choice.
 Let's light the candles.
 Coffee anyone? Some of you may not drink hot coffee this time of year, how does a cup of iced coffee sound?

From above. Oh so pretty.

hugs ~ Lynne ~
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

~ Front Porch Sitting At It's Best ~

With the gentle rumble of thunder in the background I sit here and reflect on last evening's events. As I sat on the front porch looking towards the lake, I thought there can't be a more perfect evening than this. The birds were singing tunes back and forth as if to say we know you're here and glad you are. The breezes were slight and welcome as the sun began it's descent to put an end to another day.
With Mr. P falling a lot anymore it's like pulling teeth to get him to come sit with me on the front porch, I feel like I've pulled off a major battle when he does. It's so worth it for him to come join me and enjoy the million dollar view he built for us almost 15 years ago.
Once I get him outside and seated he seems to enjoy himself and the dogs. Murphy loves to shower Mr. P with affection, sometimes he isn't too gentle about it and leaves more marks on Mr. P's arms. Usually after being scolded a couple of times he realizes he's hurting you and is a lot more gentle about his approach for hugs and pats.
With Murphy gently laying his paws in Mr. P's lap and Miss Scooter beside his chair you can't ask for anything better. Yes.. that's Miss Scooter tongue sticking out.. lol

Murphy keeps a close eye on Mr. P as he dozes for just a wee bit.
Murphy is loving the attention. 

There's nothing like having a dog love you unconditionally.
As I watch the gentle breeze blow the ferns, shadows gently form across the lawn bringing another evening to an end.

Oops didn't mean to blind you, the beauty of the sunset was incredible. Shadows forming, birds singing, gentle breezes blowing, doesn't get any better than that.
hugs ~ Lynne ~
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

~ A Tutorial on Making a Table Runner ~

I'm so happy to be joining Yvonne at Stone Gable for her first linky party Tutorials Tips and Tidbits. This is going to be one fun party. It's also my first attempt at giving a tutorial on line, I hope you hang in with me until the end. 
Last week I shared a new arrangement on the dining room table sporting this fabulous piece of fabric. For more pictures you can go HERE. Let's get started shall we? 
If you can sew in straight lines this project is for you. I like runners with some length to them, sometimes those sizes vary from 45" to 92" depending upon the table top it's going to be lying on. For this table I cut my piece of fabric 72" in length and 20" wide. Feel free to make yours as wide or as narrow as you like.
After folding my salvaged end over a 1/4" I folded it again a 1/4" and pressed it in place. I chose to press, press press instead of using pins. Feel free to do whatever makes you comfortable. Sew down along the edge of the fabric until you come to the end. Complete this step for all four sides.
Your finished sides will look like this. Pretty huh?
Your short end known as the end of the runner is now square, if you like you can leave it square. If you're like  me I like a bit more pizazz to my runners. If you want at this step you can add a few embellishments adding fringed trim or even piping would give your squared edges a more professional look. Congratulate yourself you've just completed your first runner. Pretty quick and easy huh?
You know me I march to the beat of a different drum. I like my runners to have a bit snazzier look to them, using embellishments to give it more of a finished look. For this step you want to fold your edges towards the middle keeping them even and square forming a pointed edge, press into place.
I use pens on this next step, it keeps my fabric from shifting. Pen into place through all layers.
Taking your needle you're going to do a hidden whip stitch to hold the two pieces together. Make sure to go through just the top layers, you don't want your stitches to show on the top or right side of your fabric.
If you like you can machine stitch across the straight edge of your folded point. I don't care to see the stitching on the topside of my runner, so I whip stitch mine together. Feel free to do what makes you feel the most comfortable.
All whipped up, see no stitches showing.
Are you still with me? Great, let's keep going. In order to hold my edge in place I whip the edges together, going through the top layer of your fabric, this step keeps your fabric from shifting you'll see in the next step why I whip the edges together. Make sure you don't go through all the layers your stitches will show on the top side of your beautiful runner.
Now for a bit of fun. I like to use buttons that come close to matching my fabric.
Placing the tassel as close to edge as I can so it's a bit on the tight side, I whip stitch my button through the top layers of the fabric. Loop your tassel over the button and pull gently, this keeps your tassel in place. The reason I use buttons to attach my tassel is to be able to remove them when they need to be laundered or freshened up in the dryer. This also adds another bonus, if you choose to change out the colors of your tassels it's easy and quick.
Tadah!! Can we say gorgeous? Now your runner is ready to take it's place of honor on your tabletop.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial of how I make my table runners. They're fun quick and easy projects. I hope you find the time to make one in your future.

hugs ~ Lynne ~

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