Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are you computer savvy?

Many of you know my home has been in turmoil for the past 6 months. For those of you that don't I'll bring you up to speed. On August 27 Th we had a water pipe burst in our master bathroom. Once I discovered it, I honestly thought I could clean it up quickly and move on. Little did I know. Long story short the vanity was ruined, the war room as I fondly call it was flooded which led to flooding in my office. Walls were ruined, carpet was ruined. Many things were damaged and have since been thrown away. You would think with insurance you get things taken care of quickly and things back in order. Not in our case. I had an adjuster with the personality of a bent fence post on the windiest day. I had to deal with that, mold and other issues. The first insurance check bounced, it took 2 weeks to get that straightened out. Get the picture? Once I found contractors to come in, the first guy couldn't come due to dislocating his elbow. That put the walls on hold for many weeks. Those were finally up and I was ready for carpet. I waited and waited. Finally had to chase down our carpet guy, he dropped the ball and forgot us.. YES !! forgot us.. But finally, tomorrow is the big day. He's suppose to be here first thing to lay the carpet. I hope my excitement of a finished project isn't premature. So, today I'll be finishing up the packing of all the office paraphernalia. And guess who has to work at the other job for the next 2 days? I'm hoping I can remember the sequence of hooking the router and such back up. So.. if any of you are computer savvy drop me a comment to let me know before I unhook everything in the morning. I don't want to be without Internet today and this evening . :-)) wish me luck ...hugs ~lynne~