Monday, October 20, 2008


I think everyone has a few of their favorite vignettes around their homes. Those of you that know me, know I like alot of things around me. They are a comfort to me. Some are cherished things, gifts from family and friends. Some are newly purchased. Here you'll find just a few of those many things around our home.

Here you'll find a cute little bird I sell in the shop.. A group of you girls have been so kind to purchase this little cutie and have even gone so far as to name them.. Now, he's even more special to me. I can wrap my arms around those memories and think of each and everyone of you girls... :-)I've had this picture for a few years but recently updated it with a new frame. I think it gives it more presence. Guess you can see I love long as they are this kind of a bird, or I can enjoy them from the inside out..I'm deathly afraid of the real thing coming near me. Notice the "great" lamp. It's one of those I obsessed over and it was screaming to come home with me. Maybe I should do a post just on all the lamps I have??? lol

Sometimes decorating just wears a dog plum out.. Miss Scooter had had enough and headed back out to the sunporch. But look at her peaking, just to make sure I haven't gone

Sometimes a piece of furniture stays put around here. This cute little table is one of those. I think the lamp and mirror make a perfect fit. Years ago my husband wanted a dog. At the time we had cats. I didn't think the two would get along well, so I purchased this little dog for him as a gift. Now we have 2 dogs and I can't imagine our lives without them .

I love dishes, and have many. Ok, so I have alot of I especially love the blue and white and the way it makes me feel. It is always so clean and crisp looking. I also love tea pots and have quite a collection of them..again that's another blogging journey..

I'm sure alot of you remember this cute little vignette from the toile bedroom post over at RMS. This shot was taken before Miss Scooter snatched the chocolates off the tray.. I no longer leave candy out that she can get a hold of. That poor baby was so sick. And have since learned it can be very toxic to a dog.

I hope you enjoyed this short journey. I would love to hear about your favorite vignettes. How you came to put them together and if they have a special meaning to you..