Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spatula Anyone??

Hello Everyone!
You all know I dance to the beat of a different drum. I like to do things a bit differently than most. I try to think outside the box. I know, I know.. sometimes I really think outside the box. lol Now, we all have to have something for our utensils, I know many of you have those wonderful drawer organizers. I don't have those and when Mr. P used to grill he liked to just to pull things and go, I on the other hand, like things a bit more organized than that. lol Seeing as he was the one doing a lot of the cooking I did my best to accommodate him.
Many years ago while visiting his cousins in Wichita we took off shopping at Hobby Lobby. First isle we hit... well, naturally the 80% off isle. And look what I found? These gorgeous silver compotes. I fell head over in heels in love with them. OK! So.. love is stretching it a bit.. but I sure did like them. lol I knew immediately they would be perfect for the utensils and satisfy Mr. P's little habit of wanting to pull and go. lol This week I'm happy to be participating once again in The Silver Sunday Blog Party. Graciously hosted by Beth at the Gypsy Fish. Beth thank you for hosting such a fun filled Sunday party. I have had a ball these past couple of weeks.
Now, a girl has got to have her scented candles around doesn't she? Well, this one does anyway. lol I am over the top with Paula Dehn's candles, they burn down smoothly and have the most wonderful scent. This one is Skillet Fried Apple, you know what a wonderful scent the real fried apples put off; Paula has done her best to mimic that in this particular candle. And naturally, it's red, so fits right into my decor in the kitchen. :-)) The first silver compote holds all the rubber spatulas, lighters for candles and scissors.

I love the handle and the hammered look of the silver.
I keep my mints and a bit of candy close by too! :-))
A view of all three compotes.
The second compote holds all the spatulas, rubber or metal.
Close up of second compote. Notice the raised grape pattern?
And last but certainly not least, this one holds all the spoons, wooden, plastic or metal.
See how handy they are? Just pull and go... lol
I know many of you don't like a lot of things out on the counter. These aren't that obtrusive and are decorative and handy all in one. :-))
Thank you for stopping by today. I always enjoy your visits. I hope you enjoyed my contribution to Silver Sunday. Don't forget to swing by Beth's at the Gypsy Fish to see a full list of all those participating. I'm off .... see you there.
hugs ~lynne~