Sunday, February 7, 2010

~~ I Wish ~~

Hi everyone! Once again I'm apologizing for being MIA.. I've been running Mr. P. back and forth to the hospital. A few more tests done and now we play the waiting game, you know waiting on results. I have him back home once again and he seems to be doing better. Thank all of you for your emails and phone calls. I can't tell you how they touched my heart. You all are just the best!

Today is Silver Sunday hosted by Beth from The Gypsy fish. She has graciously hosted this fun event these past few weeks. What a pleasure it's been to see all of your great silver pieces and the way you use them.

My contribution this week is the silver my mother gave us many years ago. I have them displayed in my office where I can enjoy them daily, especially this time of the year. A bit on the tarnished side, full of character. Most of the time this is the way you'll find it. Occasionally, I'll get it in my head it needs to be polished. Mother probably would have frowned, you see she never polished silver. I'm not sure of the true reason, I can only guess. Working full time and trying to raise 5 children might have had something to do with it.. :-))

The books were my Grandma's. Mother's mother's books. So, you see I have 3 generations showcased here. lol

Beautiful scroll work with some dainty feet.

I'm not sure who's initial this belongs to, you see it really doesn't matter. I love anything monogrammed. I feel honored to be the keeper of this beautiful spoon.
Mother, I wish you were here so you could see how much I enjoy your gift, how I treasure it. I wish I could talk to you and let you know what's going on in our lives. I wish you could wrap me in your arms , and let me cry on your shoulder. I wish we could share a cup of coffee and a piece of your cherry pie. I wish we could play a game of cards and watch you and Mr. P cheat openly and laugh about it. Mother, I miss you so much.. I wish you were here so I could say Happy Birthday!!
Thank you for swinging in today and saying hello. I know many of you are watching the Super Bowl , I hope your team of choice wins! Don't forget in all the Super Bowl excitement to swing by Beth's for a full list of those participating.
hugs ~lynne~