Sunday, April 29, 2012

~ Not The Most Fun Purchase ~

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a super weekend. Yesterday we experienced one of those rare perfect Spring days. A bit of a breeze, a few clouds and as the evening wore on cooler temperatures. Today is a different story entirely. With the rains coming down outside I'm playing inside. I've started more projects than I care to talk about, haven't accomplished any of them. It seems I don't have any of the necessary components on hand to complete them. Scream! OK, maybe I didn't scream, I just got busy mixing together come cookie dough, it has to chill for a bit, later I'll stay busy baking cookies. No worries, I'll leave some for you. Here's a hint of what I was working on, stay tuned I'll eventually figure it all out and share once I've completed the task.
To say we're spinning our wheels backward around here is an understatement. The old saying goes, "trouble in threes, then it'll leave you be". WELL.. We've had a lot more than 3 issues in a row. I would love to tell you the things I've had to purchase are fun and exciting. Oh my goodness far from it. Let's see new tires, furnace/air conditioner, the new storm doors are coming and to top it off the microwave went out. You know when you purchase things new all at the same time they're bound to stop working at the same time. Not being in a position to run to the city I purchased a microwave to set on the counter, thought I could live with it. I tried, it just wasn't working for me. Last week when I took Mr. P to the doctor we stopped by Home Depot and picked up an under the counter microwave. Yippee Skippie!!

He called No.1 son, he took out the old and put in the new. Naturally, new brackets had to be put up to accommodate the new microwave.
Brackets in place. Yah!
A man and his tools, you know most don't travel with out them.
New screws to hold the microwave in the bottom of the top cabinet.
Fast forward a few days. Once it was installed, we checked out the fan and that was it. That evening I went to heat up a Reuben sandwich, you cannot imagine the noise it made. Knew that wasn't right, next morning I called Home Depot, they got a hold of the warranty folks, they sent a man out on Thursday. Microwave No. 1 had to come out, the magnetron tube wasn't any good. Folks this is the most intricate working part of the microwave. Mr. Warranty Man told me the microwave could have caught on fire. YIKES! So.. back comes No.1 Son to take out Microwave No.1, I make a mad dash to Home Depot to pick up a new one. No. 1 Son comes back on Friday to install  Microwave No. 2. This time we checked it before he lifted it up onto the brackets.  Yah!!! Working microwave. It's so shiny it reflects everything.
Yippee!!! I now have my baking center back, the microwave that sat on the counter went to the shop so I can heat up my coffee after it's sat forever and gotten cold. Whew!!! What a week, sure glad that one's behind us.
As promised, I've saved some cookies for you as well as some milk. Nothing better than milk and cookies. Please help yourself, Mr. P has to many. 

Thank you for stopping in to say hello. Your sweet comment always touch our hearts. It is because of you I do what I do. Until next time....
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