Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pottery Barn Console Table

Yesterday I did a short post and at the end hinted at another change around my home. You all had some pretty good guesses. I wish I was super woman and had completed some of your guesses. Well, I'm good folks but not quite that good. lol
My birthday falls in September, September the 1st to be exact. This past year was the first birthday I spent 100% alone, it was not an easy day for me. Weeks prior I had seen this table at Pottery Barn and fell in love. In a weakened state of mind, I knew it was time to make some changes. I measured and remeasured the wall in my office to make sure it would fit and fit well, not crowding the area. The table I had been using I sold to help pay for this one. Sometimes you can move pieces here and there to make room, I knew the style of the other table was not one I wanted to continue using, so the best option was for it to be sold, it was a win win. This is one of the first changes I made in trying to make over my home. 
Naturally a new