Monday, April 30, 2012

~ Happy May Day ~

Happy May Day Everyone, Can you believe it's May already? My goodness this year is flying right along. Do you have any plans for today? Are you going to surprise your neighbors with May Day baskets? I miss the days when the grandchildren were small and we would be surprised with the doorbell ringing, no one there to find a beautiful basket they had put together. {sigh}
My original plan was to have the tea party on the front porch. With all the rain we've had it's a bit cool out there. So please come in and stay a while.
The tea set is on my favorites, purchased many years ago at Cracker Barrel.

Please help yourself to a cup of tea.
The Aladdin style sugar bowl always make me smile. The curved handles almost appear as though they were an after thought when it was made.

Whimsical and airy as if they're outside blowing in the wind.
Thinking outside the box instead of a basket I went with the vintage metal bucket for the flowers. The mix of vintage, porcelain and lace adds a variety of textures to a flat table.
Love the handle.

Please help yourself to a cookie,  Mr. P still has plenty inside. He said I got a good "do" on this batch. Sometimes he says the funniest things.

The statues came from Walmart last fall on sale, I recall giving $4.99 for each of them. The little guy reminds me of my grandson and his love for his dog Miss Isabelle.
You know I had to get the little girl because of the bunny.
Nothing like a good book while enjoying cookies with a cup of hot tea.

Thank you for stopping in to say hello. Your sweet comments always touch our hearts. It is because of you I do what I do. Until next time....
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

~ Not The Most Fun Purchase ~

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a super weekend. Yesterday we experienced one of those rare perfect Spring days. A bit of a breeze, a few clouds and as the evening wore on cooler temperatures. Today is a different story entirely. With the rains coming down outside I'm playing inside. I've started more projects than I care to talk about, haven't accomplished any of them. It seems I don't have any of the necessary components on hand to complete them. Scream! OK, maybe I didn't scream, I just got busy mixing together come cookie dough, it has to chill for a bit, later I'll stay busy baking cookies. No worries, I'll leave some for you. Here's a hint of what I was working on, stay tuned I'll eventually figure it all out and share once I've completed the task.
To say we're spinning our wheels backward around here is an understatement. The old saying goes, "trouble in threes, then it'll leave you be". WELL.. We've had a lot more than 3 issues in a row. I would love to tell you the things I've had to purchase are fun and exciting. Oh my goodness far from it. Let's see new tires, furnace/air conditioner, the new storm doors are coming and to top it off the microwave went out. You know when you purchase things new all at the same time they're bound to stop working at the same time. Not being in a position to run to the city I purchased a microwave to set on the counter, thought I could live with it. I tried, it just wasn't working for me. Last week when I took Mr. P to the doctor we stopped by Home Depot and picked up an under the counter microwave. Yippee Skippie!!

He called No.1 son, he took out the old and put in the new. Naturally, new brackets had to be put up to accommodate the new microwave.
Brackets in place. Yah!
A man and his tools, you know most don't travel with out them.
New screws to hold the microwave in the bottom of the top cabinet.
Fast forward a few days. Once it was installed, we checked out the fan and that was it. That evening I went to heat up a Reuben sandwich, you cannot imagine the noise it made. Knew that wasn't right, next morning I called Home Depot, they got a hold of the warranty folks, they sent a man out on Thursday. Microwave No. 1 had to come out, the magnetron tube wasn't any good. Folks this is the most intricate working part of the microwave. Mr. Warranty Man told me the microwave could have caught on fire. YIKES! So.. back comes No.1 Son to take out Microwave No.1, I make a mad dash to Home Depot to pick up a new one. No. 1 Son comes back on Friday to install  Microwave No. 2. This time we checked it before he lifted it up onto the brackets.  Yah!!! Working microwave. It's so shiny it reflects everything.
Yippee!!! I now have my baking center back, the microwave that sat on the counter went to the shop so I can heat up my coffee after it's sat forever and gotten cold. Whew!!! What a week, sure glad that one's behind us.
As promised, I've saved some cookies for you as well as some milk. Nothing better than milk and cookies. Please help yourself, Mr. P has to many. 

Thank you for stopping in to say hello. Your sweet comment always touch our hearts. It is because of you I do what I do. Until next time....
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

~ You Just Never Know ~

Hi everyone, another gorgeous day in our neck of the woods. It's just way to pretty to be inside. You know me later today I'll be enjoying the front porch and all the amenities it provides. Wish all of you could join me.

Around here you never know who's going to come for a visit. For the past almost 15 years we've watched a pair of geese each Spring land on the lake to stick around for the summer. I would like to think this is the same pair each year, except for tagging them there's no way of knowing. We've seen the nest full of eggs on the island only to be washed away from the hard rains and the lake flooding over the island. This is the first year Mom and Pop has brought them this close to the house. I hurriedly grabbed my camera this a.m. to capture these shots through the kitchen window, so please excuse the less than perfect quality of the pictures.

Cute little squirts!

Pop hangs back to keep a close eye on the surroundings, and the wee one lagging behind.

I'm not sure where they wandered off to, they were certainly on a mission. Hopefully next time they come for a visit I can get outside to get some better shots. You'll have to stay tuned to see if that happens. :-))

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~ Spring Whites ~

Each evening when I take a walk I'm amazed at the beauty that surrounds me. Living in town, having 40+ acres and 3 lots we have the best of both worlds. The country life along with being able to jaunt into town quickly for some necessities.
The last 4 years have brought many changes around here. Having worked outside my home along with running my own shop and taking care of the construction business to say I was busy is an understatement. I took it all with a grain of salt attacked each task as they came. Two years ago I decided to quit the second job to stay home to care for Mr. P. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm afraid if I hadn't, he would be in a rest home or worse. All of us need to take the time and enjoy the things around us, Mr. P's illness' has taught me that and so much more. So.... evening walks with Mr. Murphy dog are called for. The walks help in so many ways, I keep my girlie figure, enjoy Mother Nature and the antics of Murphy.
Along the East fence row trees are plentiful. Their beauty is astounding. This year more so than any other I noticed the trees with beautiful white blooms.  I have to admit I've seen the trees each year with all the white blooms and didn't have a clue what they were. Mr. P in his quiet manner said they were locust trees. The fragrance is incredible.

Come in for a closer look at these  "gorgeous" blooms.

As the rain drops begin to fall I'll leave you with one last shot of the locust across the lake. As the petals fall into the water only to float away, leave behind the reminder to take the time to enjoy your surroundings.
Thank you stopping in to say hello. Your sweet comments always touch our hearts. It is because of you I do what I do. Until next time...
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