Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~ A Bit of Day Dreaming ~

Do you keep a list of things "to-do", a notebook full of pictures or tons of pictures in your computer archive file you would love to put into action? I do, I've kept a notebook, diary and a few pictures of things I would to change around the house for years. They are on the "to-do" list. That list seems to be growing hourly instead of getting shorter.
As I was going through some of the pictures I ran across these wonderful kitchen pictures and wanted to share them with you.

I love the mantel shelf above the stove. What a statement it makes.
Although this one may seem a bit "dated" I love the cozy feel of the shelves. I'm in love with the vintage scale. Don't you love the deep double sinks? The counters and sink look like soap-stone to me. What do you think? With the feeling of being on the industrial side the china lends elegance.
Talk about entertaining space. Can you imagine this island loaded down with food for a party or family gathering ?
I love the exposed beams. This room almost makes me dizzy. I love red, however I'm not sure I would like looking at this big red stove all the time. I think the slate floor and the small area of tile behind the stove are competing with each other. Guess you've figured out about the only thing I really like about this picture are the beams.
Fun and whimsical.A different view of the great counter (from the previous picture) looking into the great room side. Cozy!!
I love the furniture look they gave the cabinets. Although this kitchen is small and quaint there is a touch of elegance. I would change the blue tiles to a white subway tile and a form of granite on the counter tops to give the feeling of a larger area. I remember seeing something very similar to this on HGTV many years ago.
This is pure perfection to me. I would love to sit here each morning and look out those beautiful french doors. Don't you love how they've displayed their children's art work on the cabinet doors?Sigh.....I would love to be able to take a few things from each photo and actually put them together to make a great kitchen/hearth room. A girl can always dream right? Dreams don't cost until you put them into action.
In the meantime, I'll finish painting the rooms upstairs and move a few things around. I'm just about finished with that project, hopefully Mother Nature will start co-operating in our area and give us some sunshine and warmth so I can get outside and do some much needed work to the yard.