About Me

Welcome to my blog.
I live in a small town in Missouri outside of Kansas City with my husband and the two dogs Miss Scooter the cockier spaniel , virtual queen of the house, and Murphy the collie that showed up one day and hasn't left.

When I first started the blog it was a form of entertainment to help pass the long lonely hours. Mr. P as I fondly call my husband was working out of state at the time and was gone 2 and 3 weeks at a time. I worked part time for gift and furniture store as well as running my own gift shop, that filled up the hours through the day, nighttime hours became long very long. While visiting with a friend who recently started a blog I decided to take the plunge, I probably should have done a lot more research and thought a little longer before hitting publish for the first time. To say it was juvenile is an understatement. Photos weren't the best, there were a lot of spelling errors I didn't catch in time. So the journey began.

Over the course of time Mr. P has been diagnosed with many illnesses, the worst of them being Alzheimer's. We deal with congestive heart, diabetes, Parkinson's as well as Emphysema. There have been many strokes and a lot of falling. I share that with you here, but not often on the blog. I want the blog to be a happy spot, one full of the love we've poured into our home and our lives. I'll be the first to admit there are days I wonder how we're going to make it one more day, somehow we do.. there are other's a lot worse off than we are.

December 2013 Update:  Mr. P was in the hospital for a week the middle part of December only to be given yet another diagnosis, Renal Cell Carcinoma, kidney cancer. After the biopsy it showed it's gone to the lungs and lymph nodes. This is not an easy battle, there are days he can't tell you what's on his mind, his confusion has greatly increased, the Parkinson's has taken over the legs, our days are long and hard ones. It breaks my heart to see him suffer so. The middle of January I put him on Hospice, each day we have no matter how long and hard the days is a gift. I lost Mr. P on February 12th 2014. He is now singing with the Angels and visiting with all that past on before us. I miss him terribly, the laughter, his little boy grins and warm and loving hugs. My journey now is trying to move on as best I can.

I'm glad you stopped by to read a little something about me and the life I live. Come along join me in the journey of my love of decorating and everything family.