Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's shed some light on the subject !!

I'm not sure when this love affair or fetish began. Some may even call it an obsession. My palms get moist, the heart starts skipping beats and the eyes light up. Some may say I need an intervention. Somewhere there's a doctor with the right prescription. Thankfully, I'm not really interested in finding a cure. I'm not sure when the symptoms started. I have no memory of the first time I noticed there was a problem. I just know the problem continues to this day.
The pain seems to go away once I click the switch on and light shines against the wall.. Yes, folks it's my obsession with lamps..and many of you know it's a huge one. I'll try and keep this tour short. I'll show you just a few of them..this post !! :-) I don't want to loose my audience before it grows. lol

This darling lamp sits in the window sill and gets turned on nightly. The glow from outside is wonderful. It fits in beautifully with the rooster fetish I have. Ok.. that's for another

I'm sure many of you remember this room when I posted it on RMS. I thought it was screaming for a bit of bling. Some crystals, and some eye candy for the eyes. I'm sure you get the picture. I found this beauty at J.C. Penney's and went straight to the website and hit send..naturally they were having free shipping or I would have had to wait for this gorgeous thing to come.. I think it's the perfect finishing touch the room needed. OK.. am I trying to convince myself or you? lol

Again with the roosters? I know, I know.. But I just couldn't resist. This gorgeous specimen is one of a kind in my book. The base is marble and the rooster is a type of metal. The whole lamp is quite heavy. I found him at Hobby Lobby about 4 years ago. Isn't he a beauty? He has a roving fever and moves around the kitchen on a regular basis.

Okay, I get it. You're tired of the roosters that have invaded the kitchen. But again, this lamp is so unique. He has such attitude, and puts off the most wonderful glow. The picture doesn't show the incredible details on the shade. I'm not sure what stole my heart first the shade or the rooster. It just had to come home with me.. :-)

Check these beauties out. The store I work for part time was selling them a couple of years ago. The guys were moving them and dropped them. 'CRASH' down they went and looked beyond repair. I was asked if I wanted them, and with a resounding "yes" ! I brought them home and worked them like a jigsaw puzzle to put them back together. The only thing left was to find the perfect shade. I sell these wonderful sleeves in the shop. And I thought for the shape of the lamp it screamed marble. So, I tried this gold marble sleeve and they fit perfectly. I then thought a bit more bling was needed and added the beads.. these particular beads are in the brown tones, but I carry some pearl, red and two toned brown ones as well. Didn't they turn out great for a trash to treasure find?

Now Miss Scooter had had all the picture taking she could handle. She sat patiently while DH cut up some ham hoping he would "accidentally" drop a piece her way..naturally he did. :-)
I hope you enjoyed this "short" tour of some of my favorite lamps. If you have a favorite or favorites I would love to see them. No.. I promise not to "borrow" them.. :-) Doesn't mean I won't be obsessing over your lamp or lamps though ! :-)