Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ Chasing the Bee ~

Hello everyone,
After being down the last 4 1/2 days with "something", I'm finally able to sit up without being dizzy. I'm not sure what I had, sure don't want anyone else to have it. I couldn't stand, or walk across the floor, the majority of these last few days I was sleeping. Now, anyone that knows me, knows I don't sleep in the middle of the day. Folks I don't get down often, when I do I go all the way down, hopefully I'm on the up hill swing of things now. I've been looking forward to getting around to visiting everyone, only to discover Blogger was down for a while due to maintenance issues. Hopefully, they have those all resolved and our Blogging lives can go on as scheduled. lol
Last weekend while out walking around the yard, I couldn't resist taking a few shots of all the pink going on. Perfect to share with you and Beverly for Pink Saturday. It has taken over the East side of the house. In the process I spotted a bumble bee.
It became a game between the two of us whether I could get a shot to share with you.
Come along and enjoy the process of "chasing the bee"!Have you spotted him yet?He's a sneaky little devil.Not one to cave under pressure I finally got a decent shot of this fast little creature. OK! Maybe this isn't his best side, (do bee's have best sides?) at least you could see how diligent I was in capturing a shot to share. lolLINKING TO:
Hope each of you is having a super weekend.