Friday, June 1, 2012

~ Everblooming Geranium ~

Happy June 1st everyone, what a gorgeous day we're having. After cloudy skies all day yesterday and some very cool temperatures, today promises to be one of those glorious Summer days.

There hasn't been any new landscaping done around here in quite a long time. Goodness only knows I need to pull several things out and start over. You know how it is time and money always have to be factored into the equation. A few years back when I started filling up the garden boxes in front of the shop one of those plants was the Everblooming Geranium. I knew I had to have something hardy and sun tolerant, at the time the Austree tree hadn't been planted and there wasn't any shade in this area.
This was a great choice for this area. When in doubt plant this hardy geranium! You'll enjoy the unique colored green leaves and long lasting beauty of the blooms.

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hugs ~Lynne~
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