Sunday, May 22, 2011

~Embarrassed ~ Hard Work Has Paid Off ~

Embarrassed doesn't even begin to say how I feel looking back at these pictures. The last time I put any mulch down was almost 4 years ago. Man alive does this look bad. I knew it was getting a little sad looking, OK, let's me honest it looks down right nasty. With all that's going on around here I just didn't have the energy or the desire to tackle all the yard work. I kept it mowed and trimmed and let all the finishing touches go. I've re-grouped taking another look at life tackling all sorts of issues now.

More black paper and liner showing through. A girl just ought to be whipped for letting it go like this.

Everyone needs some type of a cart to work around the yard with. Many have wheelbarrows, golf carts, or gators, I have a mule. We've had this great Little toy for about 10 years now. For 4 it sat in the garage and didn't get used. Well, she's back!!! LOL
 I've unloaded the mulch off the back of the truck into the mule, now to unload it onto the ground. Do you   have any idea how much bags of mulch weigh? I don't either! These were wet on top of that, let me tell you   they weighed a bunch. I definitely got my work out in!

It's finally starting to look like someone cares, like it's loved once again. After taking these pictures I realized I had forgotten to take one of all the bricks matching, a gal can't have bricks lining an outdoor area that doesn't match. I had gathered bricks from the left over planter boxes to use for this project, in the future I may purchase some of the new-style that you can stack and lock. We'll see, for now this works out great.

The little corner even got a bit of mulch. Naturally I had to add the bunnies back in somewhere. I've had these little cuties for almost 12 years now, originally purchased at the Dollar General Store for 50 cents each. YaH! I love a bargain. The railroad ties in the background are next on the list to get all dolled up. We've had soooooo much rain, it's hard to catch a dry day to do any outside painting. I'll re stain them black, that should finish up that little project area. YaH!!!

The rest of the mulch is for the East side of the house, Boston Ferns went to the front porch.
I'm off to head to the East side of the house to put down more mulch. Hop on and come along, if the rains ever stop I'll have more pictures of updates to share with you of the outside getting a small face lift.
I finished All the painting of the inside of the house on Sunday. I"m glad to be finished with that for the time being. Now, it's time to play with my dishes, the outside garden work and reading on a few books that have stacked up along the way and naturally Visiting With All of You.