Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alot of Hats, and a TEaSeR

This time of the year I wear many hats. I have the shop, an income tax business, Mr. P to watch over, housekeeper, cook.... well you get the picture.
Last fall when I decided to quit the "other" job and open the shop full time, I was very "low" on product, there wasn't a whole lot of time to get in what I wanted to for the Holiday Open House, that wasn't already out of stock. This is a New Year and I'm gearing up for the Spring Open House. The orders are rolling in like crazy. I am having a BALL!
Yippee!!! He finally made it. What fun it was to help unload all the goodies. I got busy checking it in, cleaning "some" things, stripping the shop, moving displays making room for the new. I'm so excited about the new product lines, I couldn't wait to share some of them with you. ;-)

I know, I'm a Bit of a Brat...... I just had to tease you a bit. Did you guess any of them? Give me just a couple more days, and I'll show you some of the new product. :-)) I'm really pumped about all that's coming in, the shop has taken on a whole new look. However, I'm still working on putting together an area for the men to sit and the children to have an area to play while you gals shop. Until next time....
hugs ~lynne~