Friday, January 8, 2010

Having Tea With Charles

Wow!! Is it ever cold outside. We have temperatures below zero and snow falling. I know many of you across the country are also experiencing colder weather than normal. With it being too cold to venture out, I've gotten tons of things marked off the "to-do" list. I've also taken some time for myself and enjoyed a good book, a spot of tea and chocolate. :-)) Let me show you one of the books I've revisited ..

Welcome to Pink Saturday. Our gracious host each week Beverly fills the world of blog land with beautiful pink.

I'm sure many of you have seen this tea set before. I have to say out of all I have, it is one of my favorites. I call it a floater, finding it's way around the house. This week, I chose the living area. Setting on a tray with a vintage napkin and a bit of greenery, seems to warm my soul.

With a borrowed teaspoon from another set,

Charles Faudree has achieved an international reputation for creating all the elegant accoutrement's of a French Country Estate. As well as enjoying his great books and design style, I find myself living by one of his sayings, "too much is never enough." lol OK, I know many of you are minimalist, my daughter is one. I, on the other hand enjoy having my things around me. Warming my heart as well as my home. Charles was recently in the Kansas City area and due to my work schedule I wasn't able to meet him. I'm hoping he'll find the time to head back our way again soon. :-)) Many of you have already discovered this wonderful book, for those of you that haven't treat yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Nicholas, Charles' faithful companion, always camera ready. :-)) What a cutie!

Please help yourself to a peanut cluster or two. :-))

I enjoy the smell of a sweet smelling candle, don't you ?

Miss Scooter, on the other hand is a bit camera shy. I'm surprised I was able to get this shot.. lol
Thank you for joining me today on Pink Saturday. Be sure to swing by Beverly's for a full list of those participating. She has asked us to visit someone we haven't visited before. What a wonderful way for us to meet new blogger's. Beverly, as always, thank you for hosting this event each week.
hugs ~lynne~
Cindy from Applestone Cottage is celebrating her One Year Blogaversary. It's always a milestone knowing we've been posting for a year. Be sure to swing over and help her celebrate her milestone. She is graciously giving away some beautiful things. Treat yourself by swinging over and wishing her a Big Congratulations and find out how you might win her give away!