Friday, August 5, 2011

~ Ya Ole' Buzzard ~

While looking out our kitchen window for the most part isn't all that exciting.
 We see the occasional deer, the bunnies that come up to tease Miss Scooter, a few dogs wandering by and a cat or two. For the last couple of days we've had these creatures sitting in the trees at the edge of the small pond.
Perched on the dead tree limbs, they almost look like they were posing for the shots. We see quite a few of them fly over the pasture, for them to be this close to the house is unusual.
Are they moving in getting ready for spook night in October? Or have these silly things gotten our bunnies? We haven't seen the bunnies for a few days now. I'm hoping it was due to the heat and they've burrowed themselves in where it's cool. The thought of these buzzards getting them is almost unbearable.

Getting ready for flight......
And they soar.....
If you would like to read about buzzards you can go here.