Friday, January 2, 2009

Are Gollum's Mice on the Loose Again? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Happy New Years Day one and all, I can't believe it's a New Year already. I hope you had a fun and safe evening last night. Ours was a quiet one, even with the grandson Papa and Little Man watched Chuck Norris was nice for them to have that special one on one time.. and Grandma , namely me, to start on a good book.. :-)) so far I've kept that promise to myself.
Have any of you made New Year's Resolutions? Or as I've been reading around blogland made your "bucket" list? I like that so much more than resolution. After all, if you don't like what's in the bucket you can just dump it out.. lol I'm not sure I've done either of them. I've made promises to myself. Is that the same thing? hummmmm One of the promises I've made to myself is to bring out some of the things I've had stored for awhile. Now, I know I have a lot stored. :-) Just think of all the fun sights you're going to see... I picked this topiary up early last summer at TJMaxx. I know you're saying to yourself, "does that girl ever shop anywhere else?" Well.. I do, just haven't thrown those names out there The blue and white trivet was a gift from my daughter. She was in New Orleans last summer giving a seminar and knew Mom would love it. She was right. You all know how I "love" bunnies, and this one is a cutie..

Screeeeeechhhh!!! Is that a mouse? Is it moving? It can't be.. I thought they had all gone home to Gollums!!

It is a mouse... someone call ..... GOLLUM . Come and pick up your mice...please.....please!!!! HURRY!!!!

Is it moving? Will it hurt my bunny? Someone, anyone HELP!!!! Oh.. look I just saw it's tail move...

Oh thank goodness!! I'm glad to see Gollum must have called them home...

Well.. I hope you all go to your storage closet, under the bed, behind the couch or wherever else you hide your goodies, pull them out. Use them, enjoy them. Move them in from another room, the old will look new again! It's a New Year with New Beginnings. Go forth and conquer a new vignette... hugs ~lynne~