Sunday, November 1, 2009

Passions Abound

Hello, and Happy November to one and all.
Let's talk today about passions. Passions for something special in your lives. Today I want to share my passion of books with you.

My passion for books started at a young age. I read a lot as a child. I found the places I read about in books were far nicer places than the one I was living in. They became magical places for me. Full of beauty, kindness and love. Because of those beautiful places my love for home decor evolved and I fell in and out of love with many styles over the years. But, my love of books is stronger than ever. :-))

Mary Carol Garrity the owner of Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas and the new location in Briarcliffe, has written some wonderful decorating books. I now have all of hers to date. My best friend gave me her latest book , Nell Hill's O Christmas Tree, for my birthday this past year. (Don't you love when a friend knows and shares the same passion with you)? So far, I have to say it's my favorite. The two shown here are from a few years ago. The little dog sitting on top the books is from Home Interiors many, many years ago. The bling from the lamp you'll see in a later post. :-)) These books you'll find in my office book shelves. Isn't she just the happiest little thing? I've changed the color of her bow many times over the years, trying to coordinate it with the decor of the room. You'll find books stacked in many areas through out our home, some in pretty peculiar places, others not so peculiar. This particular bunch is in the living area underneath the round table. The decor on top changes as my moods do.. lolThe English Cat at Home is a delightful collection of cats and their owners. Seen in their own surroundings, whether in a country garden, a stately home, farmhouse kitchen or even a bachelor pad. All in all just a fun filled book. A delightful read sure to put a smile on your face.
As you can see my mood changed. lol I traded out the stately piece up above for this beautiful bronzed deer. I picked up the deer last year at Walmart and gave $10.00 for it. I thought it was quite a bargain, the detail is incredible. I'm hoping to do a flip of sorts in the dining room and make more of a Hunt Style/Library/ Dining Area out of it. The dining room isn't used as often anymore, except for staging tablescapes in, so thought I could make better use of the space.. Just a bit of furniture moving and a bit of tweaking.. no money spent and I'll have another "new" area to have fun with. Now.. hold your horses folks.. I have to wait until after the Christmas rush in the shops to go moving a lot of stuff around here. So stayed tuned for those

Many of you know our Bailey is here almost every weekend. This weekend is no exception. He'll be here later today, I can hardly wait. As you can see even my Bailey loves to read, draw and create. His mother texted me the other day with some wonderful but not surprising news.. All A's on his report card and they want him to go to the gifted program.. Bailey I'm so incredibly proud of you!! :-))
My Bailey chose to stack his book of art in the chair.. it has since been moved. However, I found it sweet to think he could stack his books like Grandma does. :-)) I even have a passion for magazines. This particular grouping is on a small stool I've had for many many years. You can see just a "wee" bit of fabric. That also has changed over the years. Just the other day I thought I've got a bit too much black and gold going on in here. So, I'm going to be on the hunt for the perfect red. Red being my favorite color is the perfect choice to add to this sweet little bench. lol That's a metamorphosis for another post. huh?
Ahhhhhhhhh!! Perfect reading.
Books or magazines whatever your choice of the day is, I hope you find great pleasure in letting the inside stories and pictures whisk you away to wonderful places. I hope you enjoyed this "short" tour of a "few" of the books and magazines through out our home. There are many other areas to share, but I'll save those for another post.

As always thanks for swinging by to say hello..

hugs ~lynne~