Friday, July 31, 2009

Linen Swings in on Pink Saturday

Welcome to another Pink Saturday. Once again hosted by our gracious Beverly over at Be sure to swing over by to see some luscious pinks.

While getting ready for this post, I was once again amazed at how much Pink I have around the house. This week I chose this beautiful plate. I purchased it many years ago at Hobby Lobby on the 80% isle. I remember that day oh so well. I found many treasures that day. This was just one of them. Isn't the workmanship incredible? How about a close up view. No need to adjust your computer or eyes. This is the actual plate. So linen like. Reminds me of a beautiful piece of fabric. Wouldn't it be fun to find the same fabric or a coordinate to make pillows out of? Or napkins? The list has endless possibilities.


And closer yet..

And one last shot for you. I had to move the plate around several times to get a really good shot for you. Stay tuned, in a future post it's possible you'll find it in a different spot.. lol

I'm sure glad you swung by today. I always enjoy your visits and comments. Now , off we go to see the rest of the beautiful pinks over at Beverly's. Once again a big thank you to Beverly for hosting another beautiful Pink Saturday.... hugs ~lynne~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sound of the Trumpet on Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to another beautiful Outdoor Wednesday! Hosted by our Susan over at What a treat we're in for... Loads of beautiful outdoor spaces.

A few years back I purchased some whiskey barrels to put down by the barn. I wanted something that was going to be easy to care for. Something that would grow like crazy and be fairly maintenance free. I happened upon this vine one day and immediately fell in love with it. The Trumpet Vine. After purchasing it and planting it, Mr. P. informed me I would probably be sorry. He said, "it will take over everything!" Well, darlings that's exactly what I wanted.. :-))
You can see the poor whiskey barrel is being swallowed up by the trumpet vine. Fortunately, the whiskey barrels are a form of plastic and not the standard wooden ones. Had I used the wooden ones they would have rotted out by now and the vine would be growing out of the

If you look closely to the right of the picture you'll be able to see one of the white benches. Yes, the trumpet vine is taking over. Guess we won't be sitting there anytime soon. lol

This particular trumpet vine is orange. I have to tell you, orange is my least favorite color in the whole world. (I apologize to you orange lovers). Against the barn it makes quite the splash of color. I have another one growing that is the prettiest shade of yellow. I'll share that with you in another post.

Here you can see the shape of the trumpet. Imagine the beautiful sound that might be coming from the fluted edges.

Notice all the seed pods? Once they drop or get carried off by birds, I'll have more vine. Yippee!!

We're so glad you decided to stop by today. I hope you've enjoyed your visit. Now, I'm off to Susan's for a full list of participants. Hope to see you there... hugs ~lynne~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Buzzing Around Pink Saturday

Welcome! We're so glad you stopped by today. It's another full day of beautiful pinks. Lot's and lots of pinks. Be sure to swing by Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound for a full list of participants.This week with the temperatures being almost Fall like, lets take a short stroll around the yard to see what Pink we can find. I couldn't resist trying to get this shot of the bee buzzing the Forgetmenot's. My Forgetmenot's are just beautiful this year. As I've said to a lot of friends, I haven't purchased a flower this year. No... not one, those around our place are all volunteers this year. As you can see they haven't disappointed us by showing off their beauty. I'll show you more of those in a future post. It's a bit of a metamorphosis to watch how they've grown this year. I was fortunate a few years back to receive an envelope full of seeds, they've pretty well taken over an area. Don't you love when that happens?
This is a Knock Out rose bush my grandson and I purchased last spring early. He had the best time digging the hole for this beauty. I have to tell you, these cameras do some mighty strange things at times. This is actually red in person, very red. Maybe it's just the pixels on my screen..but it sure looks pink to me. lol
As you can see. Very pink.
This is a bloom from the Rose of Sharon Bush. They are starting to look a bit on the sad side after all the storms we've had. I felt fortunate to be able to get a few remaining shots.
A close up for you.
And last but not least the bush the above bloom is on. You can see the bush is a bit mis-shaped now. This is the last bush I have to prune after all the winds we've had. Hopefully, a good pruning and next year it will be prettier than ever.
I hope you've enjoyed your short tour with us today. We've sure enjoyed your stopping by. Beverly, many thanks for hosting another fun filled day full of Pink.
I'm off to Beverly's to see all the other beautiful pink. See you there.. hugs ~lynne~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~~Bunny Comes A Calling On~~~ Tablescape Thursday~~~

Can you all believe it's Tablescape Thursday already? Where has this week gone too? Well, ladies and gents you are in for a treat. Slip right on over to Susan's at for a full list of participants and inspiration.

Last weekend we had some unexpected company for the weekend. While they were still sleeping I got busy and started playing with my dishes. After all, a gal's gotta do what she's gotta do right? Last Spring I stopped in Cracker Barrel on a mission to find a bunny chalkboard like I had seen on Pat's blog. She had purchased it a while back, and I was in hopes they might do a repeat of the product. No such luck. Have to admit I was a bit disappointed. While there I looked around and spotted these dishes. Most of you know how I "love" bunnies. Immediately, they screamed take me home. How could I not listen to them? So while everyone was still sleeping I started pulling out a service for one. Selfish? Nah... remember they were still sleeping. lol I started with the brown charger. I thought the texture went well with the design of the dishes.

Notice the design on the inside of the cups? The details are incredible. It almost appears like the bunny is sniffing the edge of the cup. lol
I topped the dinner plate with this oval shaped desert plate.
I'm sure many of you recognize the flatware. A Target find last summer. I thought the bronze colored flatware went well with the brown toned dishes. I love, love, love the details of the metal work. Don't you love a bargain? Especially, when it doesn't "look" like a bargain. lol

I chose the placemats with the pastel colors. They were purchased at TJ. Maxx as well as the yellow napkins. The small chick and egg salt and pepper shakers were too cute to pass up.
I"m not "real" sure what these cute little shaped items are suppose to be for. Possibly an egg holder? I chose to put candles in them. I had to hurry a bit, you can the wind was starting to pick up. I puts some "faux" foliage in this beautiful urn for the center piece. Now, don't chase me down and beat me up because I used faux greenery. Remember, I'm doing this in the early a.m. hours before company wakes up and I have to start

Hi, Mr. Bunny!!

Isn't the basket weaved edge incredible?

A shot from above

After taking most of the pictures I stood back and critiqued the table. I thought maybe the charger was a bit too heavy looking for the table setting. I pulled it and took a few more pictures. I think I prefer it without the charger.

Another close up.. Isn't this bunny just too cute for words?

What do you folks think? With the charger?
Or without the charger?

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed being here as much as I enjoyed having you. Don't forget to swing over to Susan's for a full list of participants and their tables full of inspiration. Susan, thanks once again for hosting another Tablescape Thursday..
hugs ~lynne~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fishing for fun and Outdoor Wednesday!!

A Wednesday full of beautiful outdoor spaces, hosted by Susan from .
This past weekend brought unexpected guests. Naturally, with the weather being letter perfect we headed down to the lake. You can see our Murphy dog found it a bit cooler underneath the shelter house. He certainly wasn't going to miss out on the fun.
Mr. P's nephew and son get started by putting some lures and live bait on their lines.
Our grandson Bailey is studying the tackle box deciding which lure he should use.
His eyes are telling me he thinks he likes the looks of this one.. lol
Trenton comes over to make a change of lures.
After dumping the water out of the paddle boat, the 3 of them load up and venture onto the water. I believe the weight is all on one
Off they go..
Bailey is studying the water so intently, almost willing the fish to jump onto his line..

My little guys smile is priceless. He is having a great time hanging out with the guys.
Mr. P. brought Miss Scooter down as well. She wanted out of the truck so badly. But was a good girl and sat still long enough for me to take a few shots of her.
It's almost like she is saying, "sure looks like they are having fun out there. "
"Oh Mom, can I please go?"

Even though the temperatures were great, the sun did get a bit on the hot side. The guys come into shore to grab some bottled water.

Trenton climbs a shore..
Bailey decides to stay ashore with me, and Doug and Trenton venture back out once again.

After many hours of fishing, late evening finally proved to be the best time. Trenton caught this beauty of a catfish.

I hope you enjoyed your day out with us. We enjoyed having you stop by. Be sure to treat yourselves by swinging by Susan's for a full list of participant's. Susan thanks again for hosting another fun filled Wednesday... hugs ~lynne~