Friday, July 8, 2011

~ Pulling A Vignette Together ~

In March during Tax Season, I decided the house needed a freshening up of sorts. I had done a faux paint treatment on the walls about 6 years ago. I was desperate for a change, the faux walls and the changes I had in mind for the house weren't a perfect marriage any longer. So, I divorced the faux painting for this beautiful shade of brown, called Furry Otter Tail. I've painted the whole house this color except for the kitchen. I repainted it Carriage Red. I'm loving the feel when I come up from the shop. I've taken tons of pictures of the changes so have lots to share with you over the next few months. :-))
To the left of the entertainment center I have a short wall before heading into the dining room. The mirror has hung on this wall forever. I love it's shape and finish, so wanted to leave it. To the right of the mirror stood a tall ficus tree. I pulled it along time ago, and left the mirror until I found just the "right" thing to go on the wall. I'm that kind of gal, will wait "forever" until the right thing strikes my fancy. The small table I've had for almost 33 years now, I'm still in love with it's oval shaped top and curvy legs. I'm sure you noticed the small white box on the floor to the right of the table. In a perfect world all things would be picked up and put away. We know we don't live in a perfect world. The small white box is the grandchildren's WII. So, some things have to stay where they are. lol
The oval mirror reflects another vignette to the right of the entertainment center. I'll share that in an up coming post. After shopping the house I realized I hadn't used this small black sconce shelf. I'm head over hills in love with sconces. They can make any wall grid, vignette or collage look great. Finally I decided to put the smaller plate, ( I carried in the shop) and the dog on the small sized shelf, I felt the wall had finally come together. The sconce is the perfect size for this darling dog, a gift from my BF this past Christmas. Just too darn cute!You know how I love lamps.With the lights off the reflection is so romantic and soothingBack to daylight hours, you can see the beauty of the roses through out the round globe shade, the mirror reflects the leaf pattern that flows around the round globe. Shopping the house for vintage items to go with the feel of the lamp was easy. I love all things old or made to look old. Laying vintage looking keys in a silver tray was a nice mix of metals. Continuing the blue theme, I pulled the blue compote and blue carpet balls to set on top of the book. Adding the magnifying glass was just a bonus on textures.
Scrumptious!Close up.....Thanks for swinging in today, I'm off to shake things up in another area of the house. I hope you're having a fabulous Friday.