Friday, August 17, 2012

~Sign of the Season ~

The last few days have been spectacular around here. The hint of fall is
in the air. If you're like me you're ready for cooler temperatures. 
I'm personally ready to shove Summer out the door and let the new season
in, gracefully and hopefully pretty. Have many of you wondered
whether we'll have a beautiful fall? Some say moisture doesn't 
make a difference others do, I'm wondering what your thoughts are. 
Since the weather has been cooler that means more walks
for the dogs and for me. Due to the drought the yard
and flowers aren't the prettiest so there hasn't been a whole
lot of that to share with you this year. The small spruce
tree just to the North of the garage has been 
producing these sweet pine cones. 
This year the top
of the tree is full; they are just so darn cute.

The Crepe Myrtle bushes are still hanging on. I'm 
assuming the cooler temperatures have helped push
the blooming process, for a while I didn't think I 
would see any blooms. 

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I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend. I'll be putting what
I hope is the last of the finishing touches on the shop.
The carpenter is here today putting down the baseboard
a bit of trim around the doors and the weather stripping.
Next week a furniture guy is due to come in and 
take a look at the damage done to the tops of display
pieces while unloading them from the pods. I'm 
ready to put this project to rest. Can't wait to share the 
powder room with you WOW what a transformation
it's taken on. I hope to have pictures to share
with you on Monday. 
With any project there will be finishing
touches to add, but as the commercial says
We've Come Along Way Baby. 
Hugs ~ Lynne ~