Saturday, June 2, 2012

~ "Where Do You Keep It All? Pantry Love- Part 3" ~

Are you one of those when you go for a visit you peek behind cabinet doors, pull out drawers to see what's inside? If you're like me you don't peek, if you're one of those that don't but secretly harbor thoughts of peeking this post is for you. Come on and peek all you want.  *WARNING* This is a long heavy loaded picture post, I hope you hang with me until the end, you're going to see things around my home you've never seen before.

Let's get started shall we? You can see right off the bat, I not only store my things inside hutch's in cabinets and drawers, I also hang them on the wall. What better way to see their beauty on a daily basis. Beginning in the kitchen many of you have seen the cream colored hutch decorated many different ways over the last few years. This is it's attire for the time being. Notice the 3 drawers? Would you like to see what's hidden inside? Ahhhh come on of course you do.
The drawers are the perfect size to store napkins for all the seasons. Napkins are color coordinated as well as seasonally.

The bottom shelf presently holds the set of white dishes as well as a few pieces Mother had given us.

Now, you know I don't do things like everyone else, I'm not a big follower of trends. A few years back the wall came out between the bedroom and kitchen to expand the size of the kitchen. The walk-in closet became my pantry. Not wanting to use and ordinary door I purchased a screen door, stained it to match the existing trim and asked Mr. P to hang it for me. He thought I was "nuts" to take a perfectly good door down to hang a screen door. To this day I would do it all over again. I love unhooking the old fashion hook to walk inside.
We found the old fashion Colonial Bread sign many years ago while antiquing at the lake. The gentleman took it right off his front door for me to buy.
Come on in and look around, I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

Have I lost you yet? Are you worn out? OK... glad you're still with me I have a bit more to share with you. Across the kitchen above the desk I have a beautiful cabinet that originally had solid doors. We had the Minuit's make new doors and added glass so I could see my dishes.

 Moving into the dining room. I'm not sure if you've seen the small buffet piece I have. I love the extra storage as well as display area it added to the dining room.
Behind the doors.
The middle drawer is full of a few napkin ring holders.
Just to the right of the buffet sits the large hutch. The top is perfect for displaying dishes of choice, lots of drawers for goodies and more storage behind the bottom doors. I forgot to take pictures of what's in the drawers, you're probably breathing a sigh of relief, like is this girl ever going to get done????
Want to see what's behind the glass?
 I hope the glare from the Mercury glass candlesticks didn't blind you.
A few linens and amber colored wine glasses.
Behind the third door more wine glasses, some silver crystal flatware serving pieces.
I know you've seen the Wedding Curio Cabinet a few times, couldn't resist another shot.
Are you tired of being inside? Come along we'll head out to the Sun Porch for just a "short" visit. Again you've seen the antique ice box many times displayed in many different ways. However, I've never shown you the inside. This my friends is a first for blog land.
Just a few things here, to be used in the future or possibly headed to the garage sale box.
Surprised to see these little cuties? I know you didn't know I collected pigs. Go ahead and laugh I have a "few" of them.

Are you exhausted, worn out sick of looking at how I store things? And to think I didnt' even show you the linens. lol I've provided a chair with some hot coffee for you, sit back and unwind. While you're relaxing I'm going to head in and pull out some hot cookies for you.

hugs ~ Lynne ~
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