Thursday, August 18, 2011

~ Boxing it Up ~

My love for small boxes goes way back. I've been collecting them for years, using them in different vignettes around my home. I thought I would share just a "few" of them with you today. Most of them are heirloom treasures, all the more special.
On top of the entertainment center sits a box that belong to Mother. Small in stature large on memories. I recall it sitting on Mother and Daddy's dresser for years, I never knew for sure what treasures she had stowed away inside this little beauty.
Topping it off with some family antique books, and my beloved dogs from Briarcliff. In the office many of you may recall seeing this vignette. If not you can go here to see it for the first time or refresh your memory of the office redo.
Mr. P was kind enough to share this cute one with me.
Not all of my boxes are wood, I also have some beautiful ceramic ones. When I saw this darling box I knew the perfect spot for it. I've introduced blue back into my home over the last few years. Much of it has been stored away, when I brought it out it felt like Christmas all over again.

Even the use of an old cigar box works well in a vignette.

This little box belong to my Grandmother. Most of the boxes I've shared with you have a lot of the tongue and groove detail.

We all have laundry we do on a daily basis, I love doing laundry; being able to decorate the room makes it even more enjoyable.  After all the painting I edited out quite a few of the chicken and rooster items, hanging onto only my favorites. Most of those ended up in the laundry room.
I'm sure many of you use dryer sheets, I know I do. I'm not fond of the "box" it comes in, that's what this darling box houses, my dryer sheets, keeps them fresh, easy access and hidden in a beautiful box.
And last but not least this darling box that sits in the entertainment center in the guest room, I fondly call Grandma's room, another treasure that belonged to Mother.

I have many more to share, not wanting to make this post too long I'll stop there for today. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my little decorative boxes. If you have any pull them out, work them into a vignette and see the magical difference they can make.