Sunday, May 15, 2011

~ Suttle Bench Changes ~

Spring in our area is really struggling to come and stay for a while. We've gone from the 90's and air conditioning to the 40's and the furnace all in one week. At least outside the shop door there is a bit of Spring to greet you when you stop by.
Don't be afraid that I've lost my mind, the Christmas decor has been put away for quite sometime. This is the best full shot picture I could find of the rug that desperately needed to be replaced. After the winter took it's toll on a lot of things around here, I knew it was time for the rug to go.The Spring Open House boasted a large watering can filled with beautiful faux flowers to greet you. The temps were still too cold for anything living. Our local Walmart didn't even have any pansies to fill pots. After searching the Internet for weeks I finally located this one from Ballard. Black is such a wonderful grounding color I knew it would take me through many seasonal changes. Taking a look to the right of the bench you'll see I have a bare spot, a bit of "off" balancing going on. I thought about another bush in a pot to add some color, due to the awning over this area I wasn't sure it would get enough sun. I finally moved the small black table, once white into the area. It will stay for now, until I come up with another solution. While at the Ballard site I ran across this darling pillow. I thought the bright yellow would pop off the red pillows and flow nicely with the yellow forsythia in the grapevine wreath. Isn't it just the cutest thing going? The fabric is a Sunbrella , should last many seasons. Until the roof is all taken care of I still have some leakage over this area, so they are brought in each evening.


Suttle Changes are sometimes the best changes.