Monday, May 7, 2012

~Kitchen Counter Vignette ~

In my dreams I envision a granite counter top, something light in color. Not the mismatched ones you see here. So travel in my dreams with me along the granite line. If I had a fairy that would magically install it I would be ever so grateful. We know that fairy doesn't exist around here, in fact since the microwave incident 3 more things have quit. I'm telling you a gal just can't when. No one likes a Debbie Downer, so.... let's move onto more fun things.
My obsession with dishes allows me to play on a regular basis changing up vignettes. The plate is one of a set I won on Ebay last fall, pattern name Romantic England by J&G Meakin.  Another Ebay purchase is the  spooner dish you've seen in a previous post HERE. Don't expect to see it seeing here for long, you know I"m always moving things around.

The chord cozy hides the plug chord, while the silver platter hides the plug in. A vintage glass holds some of mother's knives. Don't you love the way we can display flatware now? Years ago, you put it away only to be brought out when used. Times change don't they?

Vintage books belonged to my MIL hold a timer and naturally an angel to watch over us standing in the initial of our last name.
Mixed matched shapes add some more excitement to the vignette. The glass vase to the right once held a candle. Finding uses for old objects is always a fun adventure.
A gift from my daughter many years ago on one of her birthday trips with the girls.
Love, love, love lamps. My daughter helps feed that obsession, another gift a few years back. It's one of the few things that hasn't moved around the house like flies to honey. The light is always on, sharing the love we have for each other like stars shining in the sky.

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