Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out on the Patio

Outside the shop door sits a small table and chairs. Just right for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or visiting with customers that aren't too anxious to leave after they've made their purchase.
Welcome to Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan from Between Naps on the Porch. I'm so happy to be participating this week. Now, I don't actually have a tablescape, but a small vignette.

As Mr. P so fondly reminds me, I'm not one to leave a tabletop or anything else bare for long. lol

On this table I've chosen 2 candlesticks made out of concrete. Yes, you read that right, concrete. I've had them a few years now, after sitting outside the patina gets better and better.

I've chosen 2 candles that actually were damaged in the shop. Just turned them around and know one's the wiser. Now, don't you go and tell on me. :-)) Damaged, dinged or even dis-colored candles work outside well. After a while the heat seems to get to them and then they find their way into the trash. But for now, they grace the top of the candlesticks. :-))

To soften the harshness of the old bricks and concrete candlesticks I added a bit of Boston fern. This small size work great outside for tabletop vignettes.

The orb in the center is concrete as well, I've sold them in the shop for a while now. I love the red patina it's taking on.

From above

The small cast iron rooster I've had for quite a while. Up until last weekend it was more of a bronze color. I grabbed the almond spray paint and gave it about 3 coats of paint. Now, it isn't that I didn't like the bronze color, I was just in need of a small change and this did the trick. lol After all it works great on this vignette. :-))

The reflection of lights you're seeing is the shop, we'll take a tour of it again soon. I'm re-doing several display pieces and have added a few things. I'll keep you posted when the next shopping trip will be. :-)) I hope you'll decide to come along.

I hope you enjoyed seeing just a small section of the patio outside the shop. If you're ever in the area I would love for you to stop by. You can join me on the patio for a cup of coffee, lemonade, or maybe just water and a nice long chat.

hugs ~lynne~