Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ Derailed ~

Hi Everyone,
I know it's been awhile since I've posted, I'm telling you this office redo has taken on a life of it's own. I thought I would have the reveal last week, only to discover I had quite a bit more to do than I anticipated. The results are going to be worth it. I hope you stick with me, keep checking back in to see the reveal. Depending on how things go this weekend, I hope to put the finishing touches on things. I'm pleased with the way things are coming together. Although we all know I like my "stuff " I'm really liking the pairing down of a few items.

With all the snow everyone has had, with many of you still having snow on the ground, folks in our part of the country are ready for some green. With the sun shining and the breezes blowing it puts my wheels into motion and the day dreams begin. It will be a while before we're actually able to get out and dig in the dirt and plant new things, so I thought I would put a touch on the dining room table.
Old garden tools will soon be in my hand instead of in a vignette. ;-)
I'll study books and dream of putting new plants in old pots.

My trusty dogs will tag along.

Although not quite a true tablescape, we can dream of dessert plates sitting around with all sorts of teas and cakes, peering into the gazing balls and dreaming of warmer days ahead. Until next time....
hugs ~lynne~