Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~ A Million Dollar View ~

With the mild winter we've had there have been many afternoons spent outside enjoying walks with the dogs. As I look South I'm always in awe of the beautiful lake we're fortunate to have. Mr. P built it almost 13 years ago, you see that's what he did for a living. He played in the dirt, built terraces, structures and cleaned brush out of fence rows  for the local farmers in our area.

Murphy always tags a long when I'm outside. For a stray he is just the best dog, a lot of company on those long afternoon walks.

Although the bridge is weathered and showing it's age it brings me lots of smiles as I remember the day we put it across the small pond Mr. P built for me (under protest), oh how he grumbled about putting this in the front yard, and then stood back and beamed with pride at his work.

Sleepy dog...

Waiting for the slightest breeze to make the fins go round and round with the squeaking sound...

Praying the Red Bud tree produces lots of flowers this year.

Before heading back in for the evening I take one last look at our Million Dollar View....looking forward to warmer temperatures, green grass and yes.. just maybe an afternoon or two spent down on the dock throwing the line in to catch a few fish.  Until next time...

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