Sunday, June 12, 2011

~ The House Gets a New Hat ~

Hello everyone, I hope all of you have
 had a wonderful weekend. As I put this post together the temperatures are letter perfect, a slight breeze in the air and blue skies. I've enjoyed sitting on the front porch, out in front of the shop on Saturday , and on the back patio enjoying my morning coffee. Paradise on earth is the way it's felt.
OK, enough of my rambling, let's get on with the post of the day. :-)

On the 4th of April a storm blew through and took off part of our roof along with a few other things.
You can go here to see all that damage. We were lucky compared to a lot of other folks.
I still constantly think of those in Joplin, Missouri. Many lost their homes and lives.
Memorial Weekend was spent watching these men
move like monkeys all over the roof,
 ripping off the old, (called a tear off) and putting the new roof on.
The back of the East side was
completed 2 days prior. Rains
moved in and the operation was put on hold.
From start to finish it took them a day and a half.
I was amazed....
 7 A.M.
Day 2
  Tear off begins...

With the old roof coming off in sheets
you sure didn't stay outside
very long. The wind was horrible here
Memorial Weekend, this stuff
was flying everywhere.

See the little square piece to the left of the roof?
The one without the roofing felt on it?
In this picture you can see the stove pipe.
When we first built this home, we
had a woodstove. We've since stopped
burning wood and the woodstove
was sold a year ago in the
auction. I felt now was the
perfect time to have the
stove pipe

The lattice was so damaged it was removed.

After spraying over 7 gallons of
bleach everything is clean
and fresh looking. I'm so
glad the lattice is gone. Not sure why
I had to have it up there. It was nothing but
a mold and dirt collector.
6:30 P.M.
All finished. Yah!!


Thank you for stopping by today
to see the roof Metamorphosis.