Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~ Join Me Under the Pergola ~

Hi everyone, what a gorgeous day we're having today. Sun is shining birds are singing and Mr. Murphy is lounging outside the shop door. Just way to pretty to be inside taking care of book work, I'm really trying to stay on track, breaks come often, come join me on the patio outside the shop.
Each year for the open house I try to dress the patio to welcome you. The last couple of years I've used the burlap tablecloth trimmed in apple green ribbon. The texture of the burlap flows nicely with the basket weave edged plates.

Mixing and matching dishes has become one of my favorite things to do. The green bowls came from Walmart last fall. Can you believe I only own 4 green bowls? I know shocking. lol
The basket weave edge adds yet texture to the feel of the table.
Breaking from tradition of having a small candle I chose to use the dotted Swiss eggs. I'm not real sure if these are suppose to be egg cups or candle holders. Guess it depends upon the person and the mood that strikes them at the time.
I know you're sick my saying I "love" bunnies. The dishes were purchased on a day trip with my Betty about 14 years ago. Along with having the dishes I have the memories of a fun day with my lady friend.
Butterflies are scattered through out the design inside and out.

The metal urn is sold inside the shop as well as the egg picks and forsythia.
Green flatware from Target..

Thanks so much for swinging and saying hello. We love your sweet comments.
Until next time....