Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~~ A Tray Full ~~

Like the weather changing outside, the inside of our home is also changing. What a gorgeous fall day we're having, temperatures are letter perfect. Wow!! What a change from a couple of weeks ago when we hit triple digits.
A few years back I purchased a fabric ottoman with piano legs to use as my coffee table. I have to say it's one of my better purchases over the years. The versatility is incredible, the covering is a deep chocolate velvet fabric, easily cleaned with the vacuum. On top sits a tray, one of many that I have. Trays are used in many different ways. Some use them for serving, others in displays on the wall, yet again others use them in an easel as a backdrop in a vignette, this one I chose to decorate and use on top of the ottoman. :-))
I carried these beautiful pumpkins in the shop last year, unfortunately they weren't available for reorder this year.
I love all the curly detail ! The rich patina of burnished gold on creamy white flows well with any home decor.
Family pictures are a treasure to all of us. Although, I don't have a lot of them this is one of my favorites.
Mother and Daddy looked so young. They certainly had their hands full, I come from a family of 7 children. One passed shortly after birth with 2 more to come after this picture was taken. Can you guess which of them is me???
Yes... that's me. Wow!! So many years ago. I'm not sure of my age, I'm guessing 3 possibly 4. I'm sure Mother struggled to get me in a dress, I was such a tomboy. lol.

Many of you know I have "many" collections. I'm not sure I've shared my collection of magnifying glasses, I fell in love with them many years ago. I love the unique texture and beauty of their handles. I'll share in another post the ones I have around here and how I use them in my decor.

My love for books shows with the many you'll find around my home. I'm proud to say I've read everyone of them, most more than once. Naturally, you'll find them in most vignettes I put together.
This was a birthday gift last year from my best friend. Many of you know my love for Mary Carol Garrity's shops in Briarcliff and Atchison. Next week, my girlfriend and I are taking off for a girl's day out to Mary Carol's Fall Open house in Atchison. I'm as a giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning. A while back we went to Briarcliff during her tent sale. The feeling you get seeing all of her beautiful items is incredible. I'm hoping to take my camera and share a few pictures with you..

Do you have trays around your home? Are they stored away? Pull them out and use them in your everyday decorating, I'll be looking forward to seeing how you use your trays. I just received a new one for my birthday, you'll get to see that in a future post.. As always thanks for swinging by to say hello. Until next time....
hugs ~lynne~