Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Love With White

Susan graciously hosts Tablescape Thursday each week. A day of the week us dish lovers get to pull out all the stops. Susan thank you for hosting a fun party each week. Be sure to treat yourselves my swinging over to see all those participating.

I've recently fallen over the top "in-love" with white.. All white tables. The beauty to me is incredible. I'm sure you're wondering how come it's taken me so long. I don't believe I have an answer for that one. All I can say it's a good thing. All this white has been taking up residence in my pantry for quite some time. :-)) So, I went shopping with in my own home to put this delectable tablescape together.
An antique Meakin coffee pot will hold our coffee, bought at an estate sale many years ago.

A companion sugar bowl will hold your sugar.

The infamous Target birds hold court on the table for your salt and pepper.

The beauty of stacked dishes astounds me. Anyone notice what's missing? The bowl, I don't have a salad bowl for this set of dishes. That's a mission for another day. lol
Monogrammed napkins make my heart smile. Then again, anything monogrammed makes my heart smile. :-))

Many of you might be "heavy" coffee drinkers, so a dotted Swiss trimmed mug will work perfectly for you.

The tureen is something I'll treasure always. Mr. P found it out on a job many years ago, buried in the dirt. It was so crusty. A bit of soaking, some bleach and it cleaned up beautifully. Normally, I would say you might find a bowl full of homemade vegetable soup , or possibly some chili inside. This one has a small chip on the back side, so I would be afraid to fill it with "real" food. So, we'll just pretend it's full of something delicious. :-))

A few daisies grace the table as a centerpiece. Daisies you say, this time of the year? Why not Daisies I say. I think they help put a spin on the white table, a bit of whimsy.

Ivory colored flatware from Target works perfect. They look a tad yellow to me, but trust me, they are ivory. :-))

Let's finish our dining by candlelight.

I've changed out the mugs for tea cups. Thought the late evening called for a spot of tea to finish off our meal. The tea cups I've had for a while. I thought the design fit the occasion perfectly. :-))

However this Valentines Day finds you celebrating, either by day light...

Or by candle light. I hope you and your sweetheart have a wonderful day. I hope cupid shoots you with his arrow and you fall in love all over again. :-)) Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello. I'm off to see the other beautiful tablescapes. See you there.....
hugs ~lynne~