Thursday, January 8, 2009

I really tried to give it up...A Big Thank You and an Update!!

Girls, I cannot thank you enough for stopping by these past few days.. all of your support and kind words mean the world.. I was without Internet service most of the day so couldn't get back to anyone. And you know how we are in this modern world of ours. We like being able to get on here and just visit. Well.. I was starting to go into withdrawal symptoms. Truth be known it was probably a good thing. I wouldn't have gotten as much done. You know.. do a little bit. Check email.. do a little bit .. well you get the picture. I've received several awards from some really sweet gals and will be posting those soon.. I'm humbled and honored that you think enough to send them my way.

Just a short update on the office project. It's coming along. Man alive I have a lot of stuff that came out of that room. I'll be posting pictures of the before and after soon. I hope you stick with me long enough to see the "huge" difference.. lol

Now about what I tried to give up:
Are you one of those that use faux greenery? Or are you one of those that just can't tolerate it? I honestly thought I would be OK not using it. But, once the Christmas garland came off the top of the hutch, it looked so bare. Almost undressed. So, I got my greenery back out. It was calling to me. It said I belong on top of the hutch. So, I preceded to play with the top and came up with this vignette. At least for the time being. :-)
A few years ago I found all of these great green pieces on markdown at 80% off, so they were almost free. Notice I say "almost" free. lol. I'm sure many of you remember the artichoke plate. It was on the 80% table as well. I thought it was a great addition.

Well, it's no surprise to most of you how much I love bunnies. When I spotted this guy he hopped into my cart so quickly it surprised even me. He is quite heavy. I'm wanting to say almost wood like. Don't you just love his darling eyes? They almost speak to you. And if you look real close it's almost like he's smiling at you. I believe he's quite content living here! :-)
See what a great match the green of foliage is to the green of the stone jug and the plate?

This unique jug was a steal of a deal at Hobby Lobby a few years back. The shade of green was perfect. So, naturally it fell right into the cart. Don't you love when that happens? It's OK girls, nothing was damaged during the fall. :-) This beautiful fruit plate was a Christmas gift from my daughter a couple of years ago. It was more white at the time. But I like the more worn, aged look of things. I asked my daughter if she would mind if I aged it a bit. She said, "Mom it's yours now do whatever you want to with it !" I sure didn't want to hurt her feelings. So, I got out the Old English Scratch n Dent and proceeded to rub it on until I got the aged look I was looking for. Have you tried it girls? It is truly awesome. We all know it covers scratches. But, I've used it for years when I was in a pinch to age something that didn't look old enough to me. If you haven't try it, you might want to consider it.. You'll be amazed at the difference and the ease. Just be careful. If you drop it on carpet or clothing, it's usually ruined. It is a form of stain.

Just another view.
Well girls, that's the latest little vignette and the story of why I couldn't give up the faux greenery. Now, I know some of you don't care for it. But over the course of the last few months I've discovered I need to follow my own heart and decorate to suit myself. RMS almost took that joy away from me. Yep! I almost caved... So there you have it.. I'm a firm believer that faux is the way for me to go.
I'm so glad you stopped in.. now you know I'm off for some hot coffee and
popcorn.. hugs ~lynne~