Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silver Mania

My Christmas decor usually leans toward the Traditional Style. Websters Dictionary says, Practices custom passed down from one generation to another. I guess you could say that's me all over. I like using things I've had for years hoping to pass them down to my daughter. That poor girl has no clue as to how much is going to be passed down. lol Last year I stepped out of my comfort zone and went over the top in the dining room with a new look..that's a post for another day. While hauling up boxes and boxes the other day I remembered I had all of these great silver decorations. But I had no table runner that would be just perfect. So today at work I ran across this beautiful table runner. And to me it looked like something that might have been passed down through the years. I could hardly wait to get home to put it together. I had shopped at Hobby Lobby many weeks ago and ran across these wonderful candle holders. They are out of the Robert Stanley collection. They had all kinds of wonderful ornaments to adorn any sized shaped tree. Large or small. I already had quite a few silver and mercury ornaments. Then I remembered this gorgeous silver compote. Shazam !! a centerpiece for the table came to life.

Oops!! Nothing on the hutch shelves yet..ummm I'm so far behind.

I've gone over the top the last couple of years with anything wildlife. I spotted these cute birds and added them to the edge of the compote.

I believe it's full to over flowing with silver, mercury and cut glass ornaments. Close up of ornaments .

I had a ball this evening working on the vignette. I have another room I can envision all of this silver in. Stay tuned...If you girls will excuse me I must go and have my popcorn break. hugs ~lynne~