Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memories Revisited ~~First Metamorphosis Monday ~~ Painting with an Assistant

 This week as I was going through pictures I ran across some of my Bailey. For those of you that follow my blog you know this little guy makes my heart sing. He truly has a gift for making all those around him feel loved. He has such a Witty humor about him. I say he has a gently soul. Recently, my Bailey just turned 11. My goodness where has the time flown too? The date of the original post was January of 2009. Bailey is much taller now, just as handsome and still loves to lend a hand to help.
I'm joining Chari this week for Sunday Favorites.
Most of you all know our grandson is with us every weekend. His mother, my daughter; is a detective and works some pretty strange hours. So, we "volunteer" to have him to help save on her daycare. We've been doing this from the day he's born and we wouldn't miss a minute of the time we have with him.
Last summer Bailey wanted to do some painting and I happened to have the perfect project. :-)

Everyone needs an assistant and I think I found a pretty great one. :-) I had already stained this small table black ( see the legs) the previous winter. But when the new sofa for the sun porch came in November of that fall I knew that black wasn't the answer for that room. I was going with more of an English Cottage feel. So, when Bailey asked if we could paint, I gathered the tools together. The sander, paint, roller and paint brush and a stir stick for the little guy to stir the paint. I wish you could have seen him, he thought he was really doing something just by stirring the paint. :-) After the sanding was done, table wiped off; Bailey got right to work painting. I wish I had taken more pictures. But this project was done in June, and this is long before I even thought about doing a blog. :-) If I knew I would be doing a blog you girls would be here all day looking at all the pictures. lol~
With great concentration he continues his work. He tries to be so careful not to get any on the concrete floor or his pants. His favorite run around pants as he calls them. lol

See Grandma: "Doesn't it look great?" I reply with a smile on my face, "Bailey it looks fantastic!"

As you can see the black legs are as close as I can get with the "before" pictures. After the painting was complete I wasn't quite satisfied. Oh no!.. Bailey's painting was top notch. I decided it was just a bit too cream for me. So, I mixed up some brown glaze and went to work. This Spring I think I might sand the edges a bit more and add a bit more glaze to give it more of a older worn piece of furniture.

TA-DA!!! This is the finished project all decorated. You might remember the drapes.. Yes, girls you're in the sun porch. The room that started the blog ohhhhh so many months ago. :-)

A recent post of Gollum's reminded me of all the white urns and such I have around here. It's not ironstone, but it's white and it's happy. Thank you Gollum for the reminder. Now, it's out and being used.

This is another view with the sun shining in. The pot on the floor to the left is the drain tub for the asparagus ferns. They come in each Fall and back out in the Spring. I've had them for over 30 years, sure don't want to loose them now. They are so heavy it takes a 2 wheeler to get this job accomplished twice a year.

And that my dears, brings us full circle. This picture was last fall during the Fall Open House. At the end of the room you'll see the cream table my great assistant helped me redo. I think it's the perfect addition to my fun little room.

I hope you enjoyed my post for the first Metamorphosis Monday. Now, I'm off to see all the other great changes you girls made. hugs ~lynne~

Be sure to join me later today for the long a waited Office Reveal.