Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~ Birds and Blue ~

You know I'm always moving things around, nothing stays the same for long. It's not that I get bored with a vignette, I like to be able to enjoy my things in whatever space I'm in at the time. This wall originally housed the lawyers bookcase. A review of those pictures can be seen HERE. Along with you I went back and enjoyed the pictures. It is the happiest room, I'm so glad I painted those walls. lol
I purchased the lamp late last winter originally for our postage stamp entry. Mr. P was not fond of it being there at all. Having moving it around to many places, I finally settled on this small area. I view it every day from my desk, always puts a smile on my face.
With an extensive dome collection, this beauty has remained down here in the office for a very long time.
 Hm mm maybe it needs to go to the sunporch for a while.
Looks like he's all scrunched up doesn't it?
No worries, he has plenty of breathing room.
Every bird needs its own nest don't they?
Wanting to add just a bit to the nest it rests on a vintage glass piece. The saw toothed edges add another dimension to the round edges of the birds nest.

One last view..
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