Monday, November 30, 2009

A Christmas Welcome and Outdoor Wednesday

I'm running a bit behind this week in getting pictures uploaded, so have gone with the same ones for Outdoor Wednesday. Sure hope I don't bore you too quickly. lol Susan thank you for hosting this fun filled event each week.

There are no problems

only opportunities to be creative.

Dorye Roettger

It's finally arrived. The long awaited day. The Deck The Hall Party, hosted by our darling Susan from Thoughtsfromovertherainbow. Susan thank you for hosting this fun filled party. I'm looking forward to seeing all those participating and their wonderful holiday decor.
Welcome! We're so glad you stopped by.
A few years ago when I opened the shop I carried a lot more primitive items than I do now. The trend has changed many times over the years. The challenge of keeping up with it is a bit daunting at times, but fun. One of the best sellers at the time were these large candy canes. Naturally, I had to have at least one. lol.. You see I ended up with 2. One of them came in quite damaged and took quite a bit of repair, so thought it best I hang onto it. :-)) I think the two of them make quite the statement.. lol

Curly wire and some greens with large rusty bells nestled in between.

Close up

The Americana Snowman is another item I carried. I've had him for many years. Made out of a log and embellished with rusty stars and a ribbon to keep his neck warm. The talent of the artisan that designed and made him amazes me.
Just to the left of the back door is a small patio area. Ok.. I'm bad. I forgot to wind up the cord for the lights on the tree. Don't beat me up for The wind came up and I got extremely cold.

The vintage sled was a gift from my girlfriend "many" years ago. I took some greenery, pine cones and a set of old bells I had and glued them onto the sled. The bow is the original one I made "many" years ago. I think it's held up quite well.

The primitive tree I made while traveling with the crafts. This is one has held court outside our door during this time of the year for 12 years now. Made out of cedar it has held up great. After taking these pictures and posting I pulled this garland and refreshed the look and added a few more lights . :-))

Knowing my love for snowmen, my husband's daughter-in-law gave this one to me after I lost my daddy. I love his happy smile and button nose. I'm wondering if the birds will be here in the morning saying hello to the one on top of his hat? lol

Close up

Even the chairs get a bit of holiday cheer.. lol.. they are still missing a bow. I haven't been to the city yet, and I want to try and find one that coordinates with the one on the sled. I also would love to find some darling red-checked cushions. I think it would put a finishing touch to the look.

Thanks for stopping by to see the outside holiday decor. We've sure enjoyed having you. Don't forget to swing by to see Susan over at Thoughtsfromovertherainbow for a full list of those participating. I know we're in for some wonderful eye candy. See you there....

hugs ~lynne~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Icicle Mania

Creativity is not a driving force.
It happens. It creates itself and
you have to be open.
Mayumi Oda
If you had shown up at my back door these past few days, you would have found endless boxes of greenery, all sorts of decorations, and lots of fa-la-la-la. In other words, a mess; but an organized mess. lol. This year I've found myself wanting to go "all" out on the Christmas decor. I haven't been this "over-the-top" in years. Not sure why the reason, just feel I "need" to put the Spirit inside as well as outside. So, as usual I've been meeting myself coming and going trying to get it all done, adding "special" little touches here and there.

A few weeks back I went on a Christmas tour with the girls at work. I haven't done anything like that in years. I was so inspired when I came home, I immediately got started on my decorating. If you can only envision someone going Christmas crazy at midnight.. lol :-))

Above our kitchen sink you'll usually find a rooster valance hanging. This year I wanted to "kick" it up a notch. So, down it came.
After taking the valance down I wrapped some whimsical green garland around the curtain rod.
I added a few berry picks to for some color and a bit more whimsy.
I dug through the boxes and pulled out these wonderful icicles I've had for years.

And there you have it folks, a new "valance" for the holidays! :-))

Quick, easy and whimsical.
From roosters.. To Christmasy fun. I had a ball putting this together. Mr. P. just sat and shook his head. Then he does that a lot when I'm putting together something new. lol For the life of him, he just can't figure out why I go to all the trouble. I just smile and say, "cause it's fun!" lol We'll save the rest of the window for another post. I think it turned out just as
I hope you enjoyed my little metamorphosis this week. Be sure to swing by Susan's for a lot more metamorphosis that will take place in blog land. And as always, thank you Susan for hosting another fun week for us to get our projects done.
Don't forget to join Susan from on Tuesday for the Deck the Hall Party.. I'm looking forward to seeing all the great holiday decor through out blog land.
hugs ~lynne~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Gathering of Love

Never worry too much about the things
you can replace, worry only about
the things you can't replace.
Winnie Johnson
From our home to yours we wish for you the most thankful holiday season ever. We hope you gather with friends and family and have a moment to pray for all those in our lives who have gone on. For the soldiers and their families that can't be together through out this season. For our loved ones gathered at our harvest tables. We're so thankful for your visits each day and the prayers for our family. May you all have the best Turkey day ever..
hugs ~lynne~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

From Tea Cups To Santas

These past few weeks have had me buried in Christmas, in my own shop as well as the one I work in. You would think since we start in August and September with the Christmas fa-la-la-la that I would be tired of it. Anything but! lol I'm more geared up this year than years past. So, this week I'm joining in Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan from Betweennapsontheporch. I haven't participated in a while, so I hope this change doesn't get be booted right off the web. Let's unlock the key to the cabinet and see what's waiting for us. Normally through out the year you'll find the secretary full of teacups and saucers. Occasionally, a teapot will find it's way there as well. oops I believe you see my little ole hand and camera in the mirror. It was difficult getting a decent shot without me in there some where. You'd much rather see all the goodies inside instead of me. Trust me on this one. lol
Many years back while visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Louisiana, my Aunt and I would work on ceramics. For several years in a row we would paint Old World Santa's among other things.
This year I wanted to bring those out and honor my Aunt and the wonderful memory I have of her. She passed 4 years ago this month. These bring back fond memories of her and the time I spent with her.
I started on the top shelf and added the crystal bowl with these 2 Santa's. After getting out a few of them, I sure questioned my color choices at the time. lol
I'm particularly fond of the Santa on the left. I think it's due to his gentle face and kindness to feeding the reindeer.
This is another one of my favs.. his pouch full of puppies puts a smile on my face. I think some little girl or boy is going to be very happy with the gifts left for them. :-))
Look at that face. How could you possibly resist taking this cutey home.
"Ah Santa... do I have to help pull the sleigh tonight"?
Oops!!! I think he might be pouting.. I think Santa said, "Yes"! you have to help pull the sleigh tonight.
Some lucky little girl is going to get a doll carriage full of goodies.
This picture didn't turn out the best, obviously, but I think you can see the dolly that goes with the carriage and the bear.

This beauty is a music box and plays Here Comes Santa Claus. A couple of years ago while checking out garage sales he was found in the bottom of a box. What a treasure. I think that box of goodies cost me $2.00.

Close up
After choosing what Santa's I wanted go on the shelves. I felt it still needed just a touch of something. Well, naturally; I chose bits of Christmas greenery. lol

I purchased this nativity set after Christmas last year. I thought the top shelf was the perfect spot for it.

This is one of my latest purchases. Are you familiar with Touchstone catalog? You can go to the website here for your viewing pleasure. I receive it all the time plus emails. While pouring through their catalog a couple of weeks I spotted this beauty. The cost was $85.00. Yikes!! Way out of my budget. Ironically enough, Hobby Lobby had their Christmas items on sale half off. Now, that's my kind of shopping.. lol I got this beauty for $35.00. He is out of the Robert Stanley Collection.
The details are incredible. I sure hope my name is on his list. :-))
It's time to lock the door on this little project.
So, there you have my contribution to this weeks Metamorphosis Monday. Be sure to swing by Susan's for a full list of those participating. I can't wait to check it out. I'll see you there.
~hugs ~lynne~