Friday, October 7, 2011

~ Not Just For The Birds ~

Are you still putting out your fall decorations or have you finished? I'm still playing with different areas around my home and the shop. :-))

I'm sure many of you have birdbaths sitting around your yard somewhere. This little beauty used to sit up by the arbor with the New Dawn Rose Bush. Monday of this week I decided to move it. After moving it I realized it was ready for a paint job. (searched archives could not find a before picture, trust me it was "ready" for a paint job). I used High Performance by Rust-Oleum, High Gloss Black. I'm hoping the High Performance lasts a little longer than the regular spray.
The bird bath is metal and has a small bird to the back side of it. I wanted to bring it down by the shop door to add a bit more of a welcome. :-))

I started with a grapevine wreath, then added some faux leaves. The larger faux gourds added the needed weight to the lighter feel of the pumpkins.
These are so sweet, purchased from a local vendor here in town.

Don't you love the vibrant colors of fall?

Except for the purchase of the smaller pumpkins and striped pumpkins for $3.99, I used things I already had on hand, not a bad price to pay for adding a "wow" factor to your entry.
Just to the left of the birdbath sits a pair of wrought iron chairs I've had for almost 33 years. Can you say vintage? lol. They also got a wirebrush taken to them, a wash down and a good coat of fresh paint. I pulled the small table from the front porch, another coat of fresh paint and Voila' another small sitting area. Not one to leave a tabletop empty I used the small cast iron urn, added a bit of raffia and one of the ghosts pumpkins.
 If you've been a visitor to the blog for  awhile, you know I tend to go overboard on some things. OK!
So it's a lot of things. lol  Over the course of the past few years I've fallen in love with animals to decorate with around my home, inside and out. This darling squirrel seemed to fill the bill as far as finishing off this sweet vignette area. Made of resin I sprayed him with a sealer to help protect him from the outside elements.
 Can you say cute? After looking at the pictures I think he needs some eyes.
 There you have another area dressed up fall. I hope this inspires you to look at your outdoor decor in a different way, think outside the box. In my case a metal birdbath that didn't hold water, became a new decorating piece for the entrance outside my shop. My mind is already racing ahead for the holidays, the vision I have for this area I hope is going to "wow" you. ;-)