Tuesday, January 19, 2010

~A Thief In Broad Daylight~

Hello!! I'm so glad you popped in today...
More Christmas you ask? No, my friends. My goal on Sunday after the fog lifted and the temperatures rose, to get all of this stuff put away. With our temperatures being below zero for many days in a row and barely reaching freezing all of this was frozen in place. This was still out and way past time to be put away. If you look closely under the table, you'll see what stopped me in my tracks.

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday. Graciously hosted each week by Susan for us to share our outdoor beauty.

Yes, my friends, we have a thief! Right here at our back door. I've wondered why the dog food and the bread were disappearing more quickly than normal. This is our culprit. This baby possum has been helping himself, probably for awhile now.

Scary looking to me..

I wander what he's looking for?

Sniffing the sides of the pan, I'm not sure for what, but he spent a great deal of time at this small chore.

It didn't seem to matter how loud or how long I tapped on the window, nothing detoured him from eating. :-))

It's almost as if he enjoys having me watch him eat. Seems he's finally reached his goal. All four paws are in the pan. His momma sure didn't teach him any manners did she? Doesn't he know you don't put your feet on the table, but under it? Guess in his case that might be a bit difficult, since the pan is on the ground. lol

Yes, he's still watching me watch him.. lol

Our staring at each other lasted about 45 minutes. I was pretty glad to see he finally got his tummy full and took off, just around the bushes to hide, but none the less he left this area so I could get my work done..lol You see I wasn't about to go outside until he was done and moved on. Yes, all of this pictures were taken through glass. I'm brave, but not that brave.. lol

Thank you for swinging by today and saying hello. Please swing over to Susan's for a feast of outdoor spaces.

hugs ~lynne~
Just a little post it here. On Tuesday afternoon while standing at the kitchen window this little scamp came back... man alive they must be hungry. Once again he went right for Murphy's dog pan. I "almost" feel sorry for them. It's been so cold here for so long, I know they are scrambling to find something to eat, but I sure wish he would look elsewhere. Not too crazy about being scared whit-less when I walk out my own back door..lol