Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~ Enjoying Tea on the Patio ~

Mother crocheted this fabulous tablecloth many years ago. The birds singing their sweet songs seem to lure the children into dancing.
As I sat the table for tea, the day was gorgeous. Early morning sun danced it's way across the table, slight breezes were blowing, what better way to spend a day than having tea on the patio.

I've had the tea set for many years, I recall purchasing it from Cracker Barrel. I haven't stopped in a Cracker Barrel for years, they use to have a great gift line.
Beautiful Maiden Hair Fern rests gracefully in the metal tiered tray.
Let's put the garden tools up for a while, relax and enjoy the day.
Elegant handles .
I love the delicate painted roses. Many years ago I used to have a bedroom decorated with a rose pattern this reminds me of the border in that room.

hugs ~Lynne~
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