Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~ Snippets ~

Hi Everyone, I know it's been like "forever" since I've posted. I was bound and determined to sit here for a bit today to bring you up to speed.
 I'm busy trying to getting ready for my Annual Holiday Open House Event. Man alive this year has flown. I cannot believe it's here. This year's theme is a Vintage Christmas. Anything that sparkles, that brings back a fond memory we had as children. Happier times, time that moved a lot more slowly.
You'll find a few Santa's and bottle brush trees....
Children hugging snowmen underneath an iced tree.....
Loads of everyday ribbon along with some beautiful Christmas ribbon.....
Tied with half bows on some fun and interesting things......        :-))
I wish each and everyone of you could be here next weekend for my Annual Holiday Open House Event. I hope to share a few excerpts through out the weekend, up until then I'll share a few other areas for you to enjoy. I want to thank all the new followers that have joined viewing our roller coaster ride. I'm not ignoring any of you, will get around to visit as time permits, thanks so much for your patience.
 Now, it's back to work for me, another shipment just arrived, more bows to make and displays to put together.